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Tiring n really tired of life.. 18 Sep 2012, Tuesday - 11:19 am - Subscribe
Mood | lifeless

It's been a while since I last pop by. Now I only have this little page for to offload my rumbles and grumbles. Things are just not the same anymore.
Wonder If the originator still pops by. which I guess is highly unlikely. Everyone's just too busy with their own life n activities. How would he remember or even bothered. It will probably bring in sad than happy memories that will spoilt the day,even further.

Dear aeon,
I m very sad today. Here I am struggling with all the household work, the kids homework and there he is. Comfortably watching tv. I felt so lousy tat I literally move my pillow to the study room. I dun know how long can I stand this anymore. If I have another chance to make a choice. It will be different. Totally different. As much as I tell myself. This I the choice I made stupidly back then. I can blame no one but myself. Stupid mistake that cost all these misery for life. The only way is just to keep on walking, keep on tolerating. Until the day I die. Hopefully I die before him, long before him.. I am so sad. So unhappy.

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