6 hours! -_-
Date: Dec 1st, 2007 4:04:47 am - Subscribe
Mood: eek!

Recovering from 6 hours of complete torture. We had musical practice for 6 hours, dealing with everything from costumes, to makeup, to lighting cues. I've still got it on Monday cry.gif but not for 6 hours at least...

I'm getting used to my new haircut (even though it was like i dunno... 3 weeks ago? xD)

It's the end of quarter crunch again. Except it's worse 'cause it's the end of the semester. OMD (oh mon dier. French for OMG) half the year is over already. Another half a school year, and it's off to HS. =_=

Je m'ennuye tous les jours, parce que la vie est malle maintenent.

I'm bored all the time, because life is bad now.
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