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"The Son can do nothing of Himself.:


The Son can do nothing of Himself. You got to be kidding me, is this
really talking about Jesus, I don't think so. Boy this verse has always puzzled me. I can't really believe that Jesus can't do anything for Himself. I mean that implies that Jesus is imperfect. Well I took another look at the verse and with the Spirit's help I think I understand what it's saying here. Jesus was not only fully God He was fully human also. This tells me that as a man Jesus power flowed not from His divine nature but from His utter dependence on God. The verse states of Himself not for Himself. Since part of His nature is God, He thus is dependent upon God for His power. Jesus was always dependent on His Father, just like we are. Learn to have utter dependence on the Father, just as Jesus did. Leave it up to God to make you useful in whatever way He sees fit.


O Jesus I pray that my life may be useful as I serve you faithfully. May the world see Christ in me. Let me recognize that the measure of my usefulness is the measure of my faithfulness. THANK YOU GOD FOR BEING GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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