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"It may be that the Lord will look at my affliction, and that
the Lord will repay me with good for His cursing. (II Samuel


One of the nice things about growing older, is that I have become
very aware of my God's protective love. You know what is neat is
that I'm no longer concerned what others think or say about me, like
I was in my youth. In my age I have become much more willing to
give myself to Jesus. I have really learned humble submission
to His will, and this is the answer for my life. I have placed myself in God's
hands, no matter what others may say about me. I have learned to
trust Him and to abide in His love. Have you learned to trust in Jesus,
I hope so, it makes all the difference in the world.


Lord thankyou that each day I grow in your love and care. Thankyou for
being there, to help me bear my burdens. I trust in you Jesus, and it does
make all the difference in the world. THANK YOU GOD FOR BEING GOD!

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preacher31 - October 25th, 2006
thanks dustin. you make it all worth it

your brother in Christ
pastor Kim


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