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1 John 3:18
"Dear children, let us not love with words or speech
but with actions and in truth."

I'm a big fan of what I call talent reality shows.
I enjoy watching TV shows like, The Voice, American Idol,
Dancing With The Stars, and So You Think You
Can Dance. I really enjoy TV shows that highlight
peoples gifts and talents.
As I watch the shows I noticed something that seems
to happen often during each one of the shows. As a matter
of fact this phrase is kind of used the same way in life.
The phrase is "Love You"! I hear love you or love ya",
all the time. I hear it so often that the phrase becomes
almost meaningless. In all honesty, I find myself
using those phrases with really no meaning behind them.

The Scripture verse reminds me of that
phrase "actions speak louder than words". I have
discovered, through my faith in Jesus Christ, that
because of my deep and abiding love for Christ
and because through his words and deeds I have
discovered the meaning of love. I believe the act of love
is much more powerful than the words of love.
I can tell my wife I love you and mean it but when I
show my love for her it means so much more.
When I help a friend in trouble, when I listen to
someone who is suffering and in pain, or their life
is in such distress, just by listening I give them
my love. Whenever Jesus Christ or one of the
apostles talked about love they compared love
within action, like kindness, charity, giving,
healing, even the act of washing someone's feet
when their guest entered the home. It was an act
of love. And you and I have received the ultimate
act of love through the death and resurrection of
Jesus Christ. Because of that action of love I am
free to fully love others.



Our dear Heavenly Father, thank You for "agape", for
that all giving love as seen through Your son Jesus Christ.
Lord continue to remind me that love is not just words,
not just feelings, but also expressions. Expressions
of kindness, caring, charity, hospitality, compassion,
All of this given from you to me, may that be given
from me two others. Thank you for your love oh Lord!

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