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Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff,
they comfort me. Psalm 23:4

For those of you who may have been on a distant planet for
the last decade, Justin Bieber is a singer. Actually, Justin
Bieber is a very rich, very successful singer who has grown
up in front of large crowds, screaming teenage girls, and
adults who don't quite manage to see what the big hubbub
is all about.

Although he seems to be getting things under control, his
public life has not been without a stumble or two.

Even so, recently Mr. Bieber received a glowing report from
the mother of a nine-year-old girl.

It seems that last May Mr. Bieber took time out of his busy
schedule and paid a visit to Kaylee Drew who was suffering
from acute myeloid leukemia. Stopping by the girl's hospital
room Mr. Bieber made that girl feel, at least for a while, first-
rate. Drew's mother wrote, "I need to make sure you know
how much you made her happy."

The mother shares, at the end, when Drew was unresponsive,
a Justin Bieber song played into her earphones managed to
make her smile.

Now I have to admit, Justin Bieber's songs don't get my feet
to tappin' and my hands a-clappin'. That being said, I have to
applaud and appreciate anyone who manages to brighten the
last days of a dying child.

If that is the case for a rock star who paid a one-time, short-
term visit to Kaylee, what ought to be the world's response
to the Savior?

You know, when Jesus enters an individual's life, it isn't for
a stolen moment or two. No, when Jesus comes, He comes
to stay.

That is why, over the centuries, He has been by the deathbeds
of the rich, the poor, the young, the old, the parents, and the
children. He has been there when death came quietly, and He
was there when death gave a long-time warning. Jesus was
there when the dying individual was alone, and He was there
for the person surrounded by a host of family and loved ones.

But there's more to be said about the Savior's presence when
a person dies.

We need to remember that when the physician is helpless and
the medicine is ineffectual, Jesus is doing some of His best
work. He who died so we might be forgiven and adopted into
God's family of faith is there to take us through the valley of the
shadow of death. He is present to assist the dying and comfort
the mourning.

He is there -- and because He is -- when death comes calling,
we need not be afraid.


Dear Lord, the time is coming when I will leave this world. May
I be comforted by the knowledge that at that time I will not be
alone. On that day the Savior will take me to a reunion in heaven
that will never end. In Jesus' Name I give thanks. Amen.

(Lutheran Hour Ministries)

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Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true,
whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever
is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is
admirable-if anything is excellent or
praiseworthy-think about such things. -
Philippians 3:8

The Bible's most common command is do not
worry or do not be afraid. In the word of God,
the most common thing that is said is do not
be anxious, do not be worried, or do not be
afraid. Worry, more than anything, will suffocate
your spiritual life. It will cut you off from intimacy
with God and others. Whereas faith, trust, rest,
and slowness will allow you to grow deeper in
your faith with God. Focus on what's good in
your life. That will give you the hope and the
confidence to not be anxious and to not be
suffocating. Do you ever feel strangled by worry
or anxiety? Stop it! Relax and focus on what's
lovely, praiseworthy, noble, true, and good, and
watch as you change your thoughts as your
whole world begins to change.


Dear Lord, thank you for your love. Today I pray
that I focus on the lovely things in my life. Amen.

(Rev. Bobby Schuller)

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Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Al Gore were in
an airplane that crashed. In heaven, they found
God sitting on the great, white throne. He
addressed Al first.

"Al, what do you believe in?" Al replied, "Well,
I believe I won the election in 2000, but it was
your will that I did not serve. I've come to
understand that now." God thought for a second
and said, "Very good. Come and sit at my left."

God then addressed Bill. "Bill, what do you
believe in?" Bill replied, "I believe in forgiveness.
I've sinned, but I've never held a grudge against
my fellow man, and I hope no grudges are held
against me." Again, God thought for a second
and then said, "You are forgiven, my son.
Come and sit at my right."

God then turned to Hillary and asked, "Hillary,
what do you believe in?"

She replied, "I believe you're sitting in my chair."

(Hillary Clinton supporters I hope you have a
sense of humor I couldn't resist)

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During the first Presidential Debate New York City
was used as an example of effective use of stop-
and frisk, when it was in effect. Here are the

..Stop-and-frisk, as it was practiced in New York City,
was ineffective in reducing violent crime. But it had an
overwhelmingly disproportionate impact on young
black and Latino men. The New York Police
Department’s data shows that 90 percent of stops
conducted under stop-and-frisk were young men of
color who had done nothing wrong. And the level of
racial profiling went from discriminatory to absurd:
In 2011, more young black men were stopped and
frisked than there were young black men living in
New York City. This suggests that many young men
were stopped multiple times. That same year,
weapons were found on 1.8 percent of black and
Latino people who were stopped, but on 3.8 percent
of white people who were stopped — nearly double
the rate.

Racism is America’s original sin, and we saw that
racial sin again in the first presidential debate.

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Light in a messenger’s eyes brings joy to the
heart, and good news gives health to the bones.
Proverbs 15:30

Today, let’s greet everyone we see with a bright
and cheery disposition. Who might we bring joy
to today? Who can we get to smile? How can we
make someone else a little bit happier?

When we live our lives looking for ways to make
others more joyful, we are rewarded richly for our
kindness. God gives us joy in our own hearts and
strength to our spirits.

With prayers for shalom, peace,
Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein

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