Prove it to me God
Date: 8/05/2006 05:31 - Subscribe
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"This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He sent...
They said to Him, "What sign will you perform?" (John 6: 29,30)


It has always been fascinating to me that people who question the existence of god seem to
always want proof. I think they mentally make a list of things that God needs to do to prove
Himself. Whats sad about all this is that they can't seem to see all the wonderful things God
has already done for them . Even the people who followed Jesus and witnessed His miracles
asked for more and more proof , they were never satisfied. I have a suggestion, instead of
waiting for God to do that one thing that you demand of Him to prove Himself. Why don't
you take a look at what He has already done! I know I do and it makes a whole lot of
difference in my life.


Oh mighty God, I need no proof of you existence because Your grace is constantly
at work in my life. Help me to be ever mindful of Your presence and to always seek
Your guidance in my life. I praise You and honor You! THANK YOU GOD FOR
BEING GOD. In Jesus name amen.

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