Where's the Fruit
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"Produce fruit in keeping with repentance"...."What
should we do then? the crowd asked John."
(Luke 3: 8, 10)


The verse today is what I call a "thinker verse".
It really makes me think. I find myself often
asking for God's forgiveness and repenting
my sins to my Lord. But I've learned something,
these many years of being a Christian, God wants
some proof of my repentance. Like they say,
"It is far easier to say than to do." Mark 1:15
tells us, "Repent and believe the Good News".
It seems to me repentance means changing
your mind about sin......seeing it as God sees
it.....and turning from it, (the proof). A
"straight" life is evidence of a mind and heart
"straightened out" about sin. Anything less
than that is not what Jesus or John preached.
You know really when it comes right down to it
righteousness is really proof of true rependance.
If that is true I would like to ask you this question:
If you had to convince a jury that you were serious
about repentance, would there be enough evidence
in your life to do it? Please think about will you?


Lord, let me keep in my heart and mind that
true repentance produces fruit.THANK YOU GOD

St. Catherine of Siena
Political and Religious Peacemaker

"In mercy you have seen fit today to show me,
poor as I am, how we can in no way pass judgment
on other people's intentions. Indeed, by sending
people in an endless variety of paths, you give
an example for myself, and for this I thank you."

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