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Date: Dec 14th, 2005 11:02:08 pm - Subscribe
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MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! no matter how politically incorrect that statement may sound. here is my ever changing CHRISTMAS SCHEDULE:

12/16- friscos with bballers, poker night with the boys
12/17- jv game
12/18- senior bball christmas party
12/19- dental appointment, job interview at claim jumper
12/20- hanging out with liu
12/21- cronicles of narnia with kimmie and jackie and kimmies bf, bowling with ryan
12/22- battle of the same sexes walnut bball girls
12/23-movie day with trackies
12/24- with the cousins
12/25- with the cousins
12/26- with the cousins
12/27- Laura?
12/29-P2P REUNION!
1/3- school

now to fit everything on the previous blog onto this schedule

~~~Leah Says Hi~~~
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is it the gift you hoped for
Date: Dec 12th, 2005 12:03:29 am - Subscribe
Mood: smashing

hello world!

one more week until christmas break 2005!!! where am i going? no where...mother is leaving me for the philippines tomorrow...what am i supposed to eat? and mikey is leaving me! although there will be no big trip planned for this christmas vacation, here are a few things i hope to accomplish this break.

christmas 2005

  • friscos with the bball girls after school
  • night out with the boys before mikey leaves...i miss the guys...
  • senior bball party at malathys sunday night
  • lion, witch, and the wardrobe with kimmie and jackie and other scsers monday
  • dim sum with calif and owned...and all our other runs
  • much neglected ryan
  • P2P girls!! RED SHIRTS!!! youre haggard, ok i love you muah!
  • scsers
  • the cousins
  • movie day with trackers! gotta get our krump on!boogie boogie boogie!
  • lucilles with louie
  • jazmin, when she isnt working
  • more skateboarding adventures
  • real world walnut with bballers
  • sales with kimmie
  • buba gump with steph, amanda, taylor, and diana
  • session (finally) with liu and suzie
  • falafels...and working on math

    im missing things...oh wells. i hope i get this list taken care of this break. i cant wait!!!! much needed sleep ahead!

    ~~~Leah Says Hi~~~

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525,600 minutes
Date: Nov 24th, 2005 2:47:43 am - Subscribe
Mood: sleepy


watched charlie brown's thanksgiving in dutton...nothing special in any other class, then FREEDOM!!!! spent the rest of the morning doing my favorite thing in the world =D

SPORTS CHALET! we'll take you to the limit!
i got a skateboard =D =D =D =D yay! im college prepared

picked up joy at her usd hall mate's house in yorba linda, then we were supposed to go to birch with mikey and eric, but we decided to go to anaheim hills and watched rent there

first, dinner at chevys! "ladies, any margaritas for you?" and he meant it. fresh tortilla chips are the best. sour cream is the 2nd bestest.

then rent! OMG its def. on my favorites list!!! didnt end the way i expected, but its all good. maureen is the best! MOO WITH ME!

monster cookies!!! AYCUNO!

~~~Leah Says Hi~~~
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