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princessl 17th Birthday Bash pt. 1 - Subscribe

so melur came over around 4ish con jkwik y ping-a-ling and we were off to huntington beach =D we had to go to walmart first to get ourselves a football =D playing baseball/football in walmart is fun =D we didnt do it!!!

then we arrived at the beach, but instead of looking at the beautiful ocean when we pulled into the parking lot, i was blindfolded.. its all good... so they walked me over to the sand, let me sit, and i chillaxed with suzie and crystal =D fun stuff! and jlam fed me her quesadillas =D gooood stuff

they let me change without the blindfold, that was nice of them =D

they said i was blindfolded for like an hour, its all good =D so they (liu, jlam, suzie, crystal, crrstl, jkwik, ping, turkey) had me stand facing them, and jlam threw the football and made me back pedal. so the ball landed, and they told me to turn around, and when i did, my dream came true =D =D =D not everyone in my dream was there, but when is that ever possible =D but MAN!!!!! OMG IT WAS GLIFFING AWESOME! i just sprinted towards them (it pays to be a sprinter)... in my dream i tackle calvin, but in real life i dont remember who i hugged first, i didnt know who i was supposed to hug first. they (jackie, mikey, eric, daniel, wang) were holding up a sign that read "Happy 17th Birthday Leah" and all around it were messages from a few scser =D =D =D you guys!!!!!! they made me tear up..

oh yes, sorry, background:
so this one time i had this dream where the bball girls and i were chillaxing on the beach, and i was running or something, and all of the sudden i see my scs crew (our WHOLE crew- (jimmy, jackie, kimmie, russell, prudent, christian, calvin, mikey, eric, daniel, randy, kelly, philip, nathan, austin) and i run towards them and i tackle either calvin or christian, and then i introduced all the scsers to the walnuters, and everyone got along, and it was just perfect, and i was soo happy, and then i woke up.

then football time!!! A Team= jackie, liu, crystal jlam, mikey, wang
other team= eric, daniel, crrstl, turkey, wang, ping

our AWESOME A Team passing play =D we own all!!

working the bbq- jkwik
burgers and dodger dogs.. good stuff.. didnt even need ketchup =D

then WATER TIME! not too cold, just right
"did you know you can play catch with the ocean?"

NO sex on the beach aasia!

mikey's cd is gliffin' awesome!

we gots some crazy new dance moves:
wang 1, wang 2, wang 3, wang 4, hip hop wang, indian wang, asian wang, my sweater is itchy,i have dandruff, theres bugs on me =D oooohh!! served!!

mars volta? have the aliens arrived yet?

then FIRE TIME!!! oooohhh... dont spray ax.. that stuff is FLAMABLE! ahhh!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..

H to the Izzo
Bad Boys for Life
bad bad bad bad boy.....
this ! is bananas! B.A.N.A.N.A.S!

i heart smores, and hawaiian sun (THANKS CRYSTAL!)

we made new friends =D who are they? who knows? but they were fun

fire was dying, so we packed up, killed le fire, and we were going to drive to coldstones, but....

we drove to a carnival instead!! jlam went super sonic on us..ouch.. then crrstl had a temper tantrum cause they closed the ticket booth.. funny stuff.. so we just stood and looked at the lights

walked back to the cars and everyone sang happy birthday =D =D =D =D

we all split, our car drove by The Block in Orange (oooh..) then on yonder to mi casa

liu, youre freakin awesome!

thanks to the people who made it: liu, jlam, jackie, suzie, crystal, crrstl, mikey, eric, daniel, wang, jkwik, ping-a-ling, and turkey

and even to those who couldnt: prudent, kimmie, russell, kel, gio, jimmy, other scsers, gabby, stacey, malathy, and amarachi


shhh...she doesnt know....i only needed 1 =p
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princessl 17th birthday bash pt. 2 May 22nd, 2005 9:20:05 pm - Subscribe
saturday was awesome =D

after "laminating" my birthday sign on my wall for an hour and going to sleep at 2, i woke up at 6:30 in the am...just like every school day, except this time i didnt have my alarm clock. why cant i just sleep in?

went to cal poly at 9 for my sat review.. during the break this girl and i went exploring again. no polypalooza this time, but there was this family festival thing going on... food and booths and such.... and they were having this walk for abused families... mardigra beads? WOOO!!!

my aunt and my uncle from sd were the first to arrive around cousins couldnt come though, but thats ok

then everyone showed up around 6ish... set up the badmitton net and everyone played while i answered te door for JAZMIN!!!! (jazmin is a former scser who left me for public school in 7th grade, but we still talk) =D =D =D =D =D i met her friend franscesa and we all talked prom. i got a prom pic from her =D then we joined everyone else in the backyard and played some volleyball. i almost died! freakin spiders and snakes! we losted the ball over the fence, so i volunteered both times to retrieve it, with my sandals on, what was i thinking?

jazmin left, and then we moved on to the air hockey table...what a painful game...but fun =D you got EDUCATED!

liu and crrrstl stopped by =D they got to experience katamari damacy... awesome game!!!!!! thanks for the arizona iced tea =D they lefted for a show, and we moved downstairs to play spoons

nicknames galore!
bonzai! great oak, sir happy pants, donna, abstract, larry, wooo, unknown, princess consuelo banana hammock

"who has what letters?"
issa- "spoo, spuh, spoh, ssss" ha ha ha ha ha ha

then all the aunts and uncles lefted, along with larry, donna, and abstract, so its just me, great oak, sir happy pants, princess hammock, bonzai! and unknown

11:45- shari and i rocked out on my bed to Sixteen since it would be the last time i would listen to that song being stuff.. then we went back down stairs and it was ABBA TIME!

12:00 dancing queen, young and sweet, only SEVENTEEN..oh yeah... OMG IM OLD NOW!!!!! i love abba

more katamari, more food, ice cream, went to sleep somewhere there

we were supposed to wake up at 6 and play with the chalk in my driveway, but we're gonna save it for the memorial day weekend bbq.. either friday night, sunday, or monday =D

went outside and retrieved the volleyball... i cant believe i went out there the night before.. with the sunlight, i can see how crazy i was... freakin spiders... but i lived!

ice cream for breakfast =D

talked to kimmie =D she told me all about prom... i wish you came on friday!! but thats ok, cant wait til saturday!!!

peace out!
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princessl Its about to be a what? May 26th, 2005 11:49:00 pm - Subscribe
today was great =D

1st- site pal fun =D thanks to joy who discovered it during west coast experience 2005... fun stuff... clueless!!! i used to watch that show! good times.. like OH MY GOSH!

2nd- mrs geery irons won the lottery, kinda. $90.. not bad not bad...split between how many teachers?

4th- who needs grammar? participle? cookies and coco powder =D

5th- im finished with my story!! now for the artwork =D

6th- hot and tiring... did the "stadium mile" (which is going to be my new work out), and did big stairs... not too bad, just hot.

whoa whoa whoa whoa

then i dropped off howard (GOSH!) and beliiiiiiinnnnda and i went to applebees with her buddy jenny... its the other jenny kim! whoa.. ha ha ha ha ha... food was pretty good...but i was still hungry

then powderpuff time!!! AHHHHHH!!! ha ha ha ha ha.. angie is crazy! i got to play defense =D i ALMOST took off a girl's flags, but i pulled on her shorts instead.. darn.. then mey got hurt next too me...and i saw liu's rippage of the flag i own you move.
we WERE winning at the half 12-0, then the seniors scored a touchdown my rolling into it (cheaters), then it was tied 12-12... then they werent keeping the time correctly and the seniors won 18-12.. good game though, and least we didnt get owned =D

sat II scores are back.. i didnt do too well...math is EVIL!

omg... riZe and Krumping.. amo, belinda, nicole, and i are soo going out this summer!

its almost saturday =D
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princessl Welcome to Hollywood May 27th, 2005 10:57:46 pm - Subscribe
today was great!!!

its friday!!!!!!!!!!!!! *does the friday wave* woooooo!!!

sandoval's class was fun! we got to sing "we didnt start the fire" awesome song. i must memorize! then off to the library...more sitepal fun =D

more poetry presentations in donee...muddy water, gunshots, john mayer, then the awards assembly...i am nothing compared to them.. could that guy BE any more boring?

lunch- PROM PICTURES!!!!!!!! WOOOO!!! group pic with humerziners, bball girls picture, and couple picture =D =D =D (can be found on yahoo! photos) i love pictures! kewlit time (when theyre opened)

5th- watched this documentary type thing about the mayans. alot of archeological stuff. people fell asleep... i loved it =D

weight training for track. SPRINKLERS! boy am i weak...20s? yeah right!

then i rushed to my car and drove all the way to western christian covina to drop off prom pictures to gio.. their parking spaces are SMALL! geez. but its cool. they have 1 parking lot for seniors, and another for juniors. i parked in the senior parking.. whoops. but he was able to find me =D he owes me for chosing is "prior engagement" for my beach birthday bash. mmmhmm... we think he was on a date, but he wont admit it...awww, how cute =D

joanns, visited shiomoto and some tennis girls, then liu, jlam, and i tried to get our pictures copied at kewlit...too bad they were closed.. tuesday maybe?

mikey and scsers are river rafting, daniel has his play tonight, and i have no idea whats going on..oh wells =D i get to hang out with the scs crew (or some of our crew since gio's having a party for his sister's graduation, jackie is in palm springs, and russell and prudent have prom) at the block =D kimmie and i are ditching the guys so we can check out the guys at vans skate park =D =D =D =D kimmie gets to play single for the day, while i am how i always am =D cant wait!

have a great 3 day weekend everyone =D
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princessl Pimp my Presets May 28th, 2005 10:55:14 pm - Subscribe
today was awesome=D

drove by snoop doggs house today... on my way to pick up kimmie and her sister. what matches with kimmie's pink bag....then we shimmied on over to joanns...boy we love sales =D

got back to my house and we had prom story fun =D my wallet pictures are off center! darn those picture people!

mikey and jimmy got to my house around 11ish, then we were off to the block! first we had to drop stacey off at the disney hotel.. THEN the block. i LOVE that place! kimmie spotted some cute skater guys at vans skate park, but i could see them....oh wells..

hollister- jimmy and kimmie went shopping, mikey and i sat on the couches and looked at surf magazines

AE- listened to the new black eyed peas shopping... just listenning =D good stuff

virgin megastore- POPULAR! i remember that show!! party at jimmys! bloc party is awesome

victoria secret- i just went in there to put on lotion, kimmie went in there to buy some thongs... jimmy and mikey are hillarious....nah, you get used to it

my first time... my eyes were like O.O when i walked in... its SOOO BEYOND AWESOME!!! i want to live in there... sooo many clothes... so many boards... so many sandals...
what i wanted:
surfboard- $249
rainbow sandals (on sale)- $36!!
and everything else in that store...if only i was a bagillionaire...

kelly clarkson is awesome

then went to hooters for the first time... 911 chicken strips are the bomb...good stuff...they had jimmy go infront of the restaurant for his bday....omg the look on his face... ha ha ha ha!!! freakin hillarious!

"so what school do you guys go to?"
"whittier christian"
"diamond bar"
"you guys go to different schools, thats weird"
" kinda is"

jimmy had to go to some party, so we split, but we followed him...and we took the wrong freeway. and we ended up going towards huntington. and we ended up in knotts berry farm, so we turned around and explored anaheim and found our way back to the 57 =D

then the 3 of us shimmied on over to edwards cinemas in westco and debated on watching either madagascar or the longest mile. we ended up watching the longest mile. funny stuff! nelly was in there, and that guy from white stuff!

ABC, easy as 123
the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!
come together, right now, over me
wait til i show you this

kimmie didnt like mikey's stations, so she "pimped" his "presets" ha ha ha ha ha

mikey dropped us off at my house, then i dropped kimmie off at her house. did our handshake =D

continuing my 80's weekend:
movies completed-
back to the future 1
breakfast club
movies needed-
back to the future 2
back to the future 3

thanks to ryan for buying me the back to the future trilogy!
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