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Flaming Resilience In A Fading Fire. Or. Stretch Armstrongs Elastic Perishes And Snaps.
Date: Feb 24th, 2007 6:14:02 pm - Subscribe
Mood: mature
Load on my mind: Walking Along With My Head Up, My Mind Proud

Oh my jealousy,
Oh my beautiful pit.

Oh my beautiful truth,
Oh my brutality.

Oh my lust for knives,
Oh my hate for you all.

Oh… oh… oh… my darkness is enflamed.
Burn circuits through my mind.

“I wanted to breath smoke” – Chuck Palahniuk

All this time, you thought you had it all wrapped up.
All this time you thought you were pure.

All this time I thought you could be trusted,
But all this time my underlying concerns,
Seeped straight into my gut,
And now it told the truth,
And now I’ve been put at fault because of your lies.

You told her all this time, you didn’t want her, and you told her you had no feelings,
But, you lied, you screamed and tantrums happened to accentuate your falsities,
Then when the champagne hit you the truth came out,
And Oh! How I did go a shrieking that I was right!
And Oh! How I was attacked and stabbed into the ground.
And Oh! If it was I who had lied like this, I would not.
I would not be treated with this respect he doesn’t deserve,
I would not be comforted; I would not be looked after.

Would you like to know that meaning of abuse you once called me?
Look in the mirror, you are fucking my head.
I want to leave you, now more then ever, but I know it’s because of him.
I sneer at the thought of him, I want to drain his blood and replace it with fire,
I want his veins to burst open with flames and for him to perish in.
And that is my new jealousy,

I hate you and I am not going to fuck around the bush any longer,
You are my enemy,
You are who I don’t like.
You don’t deserve any of this sympathy, you are ignorant.
You are unforgiving and close minded.
You have no respect, you are given too much and it’s made you high.
And I am a dark person, it might not be safe to indulge but you will hurt.
I am the meaning behind ‘hurt’.

“I will let you down, I will make you hurt’ – Nine Inch Nails

You aren’t a best friend, and yet you’ve manipulated an angel into believing you are safe to the point that when you tell her you want to fuck her and be with her, she feels sorry for you and puts her relationship is jeopardy to comfort you.

You are a bad person.
You are not happy.
You will never be happy you manipulative cock-driven pig.

I hate you and you are going to know and remember this.
Expect the worst, expect the harsh.
Because you’ll need them to comprehend the level I will hurt you on.


Other then this, my good readers.
I am well, I am strong and I am dominant over everyone but my girl.
I am pussy-whipped.
But I’m proud to be this.
And always will be with any person I’ll be with.

Power. Dominance isn’t power.

Power is sickening,
Dominance is primal.
Primal is natural,
Natural is myself.
Myself is dark.

But I am older, older then most people I know.
Mature past a lot of this bullshit.
I won’t deny anything primal,
But I can deal with this.
And I am, and I will.

I am in love, hate and other things aside.
I am happy and in love.
Much love to all those I do.

In Aeternum,

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