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Friday...? - Anyway.
Date: Apr 12th, 2007 6:58:09 pm - Subscribe
Mood: deranged
Load on my mind: Acrobatic moves on the carpet

Once again.
We'd like to welcome you,
We'd like to compliment and ass-kiss you.
Welcome to the alco-holidays.

As some would say.
Holy Snit, I Feel So Blarg!

Actually, i'm itching to get out of the house again.
Itching for a journey,
Itching to have some money.
It's only 10am.
I think i'll go mow the lawn or something.
No, i won't, i'll try and find something else.
I need some money, and somewhere to run off to with it.
Buy something i don't need.

In Aeternum,
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