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Friday - Gretsch
Date: Jul 13th, 2007 8:57:27 am - Subscribe
Mood: Needy
Load on my mind: "Mezzanine" - Massive Attack

Some nights I still stay awake thinking about you.

I come to abrupt yet calming conclusions about your character and fall asleep.

The world around us is so small. And we made it smaller by being near each other.
We nearly asphyxiated each other and we nearly died.

Do you remember the time we called each other Romeo and Juliet?
And how I told you that you weren’t the first girl to call me that?
That was true, but it was the first time I was willing to die for someone.
In retrospect, I shudder.

Be fooled by love.
Love is temporary.
Be fooled by the temporary.

When we were so naïve that we thought we were older then anyone.
We believed in love so deeply. Believed it never ends and yet we were aware it would, so ignorant.

-I saw a girl pretending to be real today-

Why did I play along with the world we created?
That is no way for a god to act.
Leave it to its own demise.
You interact, therefore you are.

I feel I have nothing in common with the world.
I can’t relate to the grass, the trees, the rivers and the rain.
Maybe that’s why I like the cities.

Why is it easier to speak in metaphors?
Does it make me lazy?

There are so many people I’ve seen that I want to meet, so many people I haven’t seen.
So many people that think on my wave,
So many people to talk with,
So many people to love,
I need music.

In Aeternum,
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