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Monday - I'm Just Trying To Be A Better Person. My Name Is Nick.
Date: Mar 12th, 2007 1:51:03 am - Subscribe
Mood: enlightened
Load on my mind: Hovering.

Yeah, i've been addicted to 'My Name Is Earl'.
A lot of it has been making sense.
Scary coincidences keep adding up.
Yesterday, i wrote a list.
On my list was everything bad i've done.
Everything worthy of bad karma.
I started on my list. I haven't crossed anything off but i've tried to be a good person, helpful, caring,... uncaring in some circumstances.

Today i came to school.
A boy in year 11 whom i know and i have experienced his bad karma inducing antics.

He fell.

40 feet from a tree, breaking his pelvis in 2 places, his eye socket and more.
Maybe this karma thing isn't just in TV, religon and fads.

"Do good things, good things happen to you. Do bad things. Bad things happen"

In Aeternum,
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