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Monday - My Lady Of The Flowers
Date: Jun 25th, 2007 4:37:40 am - Subscribe
Mood: Bleeding
Load on my mind: "Lovecats" - The Cure

“The two of us
Together again
But it's just the same
A stupid game

But I don't care if you don't
And I don't feel if you don't
And I don't want it if you don't
And I won't say it
If you won't say it first

You think you're tired now
But wait until three
Laughing at the Christmas lights
You remember from December
All of this then back again
Another girl
Another name
Stay alive but stay the same
It's just the same
A stupid game ”

The Cure, are awesome.
Omg. Yep.

So. The world is spinning too fast again. I’ve been rolling with punches, there comes a point where the pain just disappears, numb.
There’s a point where the world makes me cold.
Negative 36 degrees.
I really don’t mind if these people will call me an asshole. Because, they have double standards, on one hand, they want only the most perfect of people to be their friends, on the other, they are fine with who they are. At times they are the opposite of their hands, they are never what they want.
Baby, you don’t know the half of it.
Contradicting, my points aren’t heard as loud as I scream.
Ignore any criticism, babe, it’ll serve you no good purpose to make excuses.
You’re a kid, playing grown ups.
It’s a sick little game where people like me get twisted then spat out. Confused, spinning, always spinning, no focus, til we give up or see the world around us, see the real people.
I don’t know why I’m so sympathetic towards you. Maybe its because I can see all your flaws that I can’t name and that you can’t see.
I wish you luck, because god knows babe, if you keep this up, you’ll need it.
I’m out.

Me. I’m fine. I mean. Tired as a sloth, and about as speedy as one.
Slurred speech, the smell of Listerine.
Need some sleep. This week is starting to make me wary of the world.
Its ok. Meet some new people, read some good books, listen to the cure.
It’ll be ok.
Just keep up the brave face, it’ll be real one day.

In Aeternum,

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