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Monday - A Note
Date: Sep 3rd, 2007 7:20:35 am - Subscribe
Mood: Cynical
Load on my mind: The Movie - The Doors

I can count the number of males i know of my age range who read.
Am i missing something?

More and more i wish i was a drone for the next cause, something mindless, something static.
Something that doesn't get recorded in a book. A statistic, or better yet a victim of a brutal mass slaughter, because the sick fact behind this is that everyone will remember the killer, only a friend or relative will remember you were a victim.
I feel like the aftermath, rubble, i laugh and play and rebel. This doesn't make me different. i may be young but to me this world is dead.
And maybe i am dumb. Because quite frankly, i can't see a way out of it. Honestly, i want kids one day, i really do, but i'd feel a gut wrenching guilt to bring them into this world.
Because at the end of the day, think about this.
What kind of world is this when we have to gain freedom and happiness?

In Aeternum,
Comments: (5)

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tron - September 04th, 2007
Once upon a time, I would have written something sympathetic with this point of view. But lately, Ive learnt to shut my eyes to most of it. Live local, quell dreams, don't watch the news. It might not be happiness, but it stops me from feeling like so much of an arsehole while I sit around in creature comforts getting fatter.

Perhaps I have become one of them.

anonymous - September 15th, 2007
There seems to be a plateau with your writing, a certain level of satisfaction in your life draws you away from writing. This is why i hate your journal, the language is so basic, the simple figurative language obviously collected from your "favourite music" and co. your obvious misunderstanding of phrases which have no real meaning nor are they appropriate. The melodramatic "i'd take a bullet for you" stigma you carry.

You're unrealistic, show a missing depth of maturity. Your lack of perspective and self reflection is painful to read through. The vague stories of your girlfriend are generic, it's pathetic to read about two dipshit social engineers who constantly fuck themselves over without any control.

Please for your own sake, and because you claim "this world is dead" keep yourself entertained by maturing, if you will be so manipulative, do it properly and decently.

If you take any of this in maybe your writing style, or the subject matter will actually be worth reading.


pura - September 16th, 2007
You spent that long replying to a journal post.
May i point out that this is a 'journal', this is melodramatic, this is something to look back on, ponder on and laugh about in some cases.
You sir are one of those things i will laugh about. You are shallow and although mature in your speech you lack any soul whatsoever and i pity you.
You forget that although bleak, what i write is something i feel. I don't sit down and try to write a novel/essay when i 'bitch' into the world wide web, some of my language is 'simple' as you put it bluntly. Although, i do agree that a certain level of satisfaction does leave this blog to collect cyber dust. Only an idiot would write everything down on the internet. Paper is much more satisfying and the things that go down on paper, aren't as (admittedly)trivial as some of the things i have posted on here.
I'm afraid you are quite wrong in assuming every word i write comes from my 'favourite music', there are many other sources of words, such as social interaction, books, movies,and ones brain. You see, unlike you, i don't spend my days reading teenagers blogs, that is rather pathetic, wouldn't you say?
Good day and don't come back.

anonymous - September 16th, 2007
Presumptuous attitude, i am a journalist, and in the attempt to further my writing edge i search a variety of places. You misquote me and insult me without reason.

I did say "favourite music and co." the co. abbreviating company, indicating things similar in value, the only well written expressive form you show has been lifted from other popular texts. (as you said: books, movies, social contexts [aka pop culture])

Though i doubt you'd be able to think outside the box and accept it, this was a one off critical comment on a series of journal entries that lacked maturity, had dull subject matter, and blended poorly written original work with well done-albeit overly popular and easily accessible- professional works.

My intention in my comment was to edge you to improve your work, i admit i do set the bar high, but aside from grammar and spelling i had alot i didn't like about your writing.

"Pathetic, idiot, shallow, lack any soul and dont come back" and you also claim to find humour in me. Yet your inability to seek a higher understanding of your life, and what would seem to be a growthless cycle rooted in your melodramatic living. You are a prisoner of your own mind. In any occupation in life, freeing yourself from this trap is; the same as your vision changes from being submerged in water to surfacing from it.

Unfortunately i had to "come back" to get your message "dont come back" so i leave you with this final word.


pura - September 16th, 2007
ok. A journalist.
Yes, from your writing you do seem to have some education in the field of wordsmithery. Yet you forget again;
1. I am 17.
2. I don't have the same level of education as you yourself have.
3. This is a journal and not a genuine attempt at anything profound or worthy of publishing.
The way i see this whole situation is that you aren't feeling too crash hot about yourself. Sure, it is important to read anything and everything but is it really that important to criticize in manner which doesn't urge the writer onwards.
This sounds like somebody has a bit of an inferiority complex.
I appreciate criticism but what you have said to me just offends me, i find you rude and arrogant.
I do think you have a point in your self-masturbatory observations. But i am offended that you would even dare to judge me based on a few diary entries written in the wee hours of the morning, in a drunken stupor or other such moments.
A Side Note: I don't know if you understand a diary or not, but it is only natural to write those quotes or ideas which inspire you into writing in the first place. Like i said, this is not a piece meant for publishing, these are scraps, things i can look back on for ideas, yes, these include ideas and quotes from the likes of HST, Palahniuk etc, but these are springboards for the things i think, things i don't write down for the internet to see.
Once again, this aside, there are pieces i am proud of, poetry and stream of consciousness pieces, these are pure pieces from my mind, if you find professional works in this, good for you, it's like a number you love, if you obsess over it, you'll see it everywhere.



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