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Saturday - The 4-Day Weekend.
Date: Jun 9th, 2007 7:46:26 am - Subscribe
Mood: relaxed
Load on my mind: 'Lover, you should've come over' - Jeff Buckley

Newcastle is in ruins, Dungog went under water.
I just laughed.
The deaths are tragic.
But the rest, the panic in the faces on the news, just makes me giggle a sick little laugh.
The only song that means anything with that situation is 'Aenima' by Tool, so true.
Who will pop their head up?
Is this all some kind of catharsis?
In my little universe that i wished i believed, i made it rain, i caused this havoc. And i'm chuffed with myself. Pats on the back all round.

Anyway enough about natural disasters.
This weekend i made an executive decision to stay at home and deal with my own shit.
I don't want to run this time. Everyone needs a break, but they've got to do something before they deserve it.
So thats what i'm doing.
Being the sick little martyr with the past, but taking it in my stride, because i know i'm right, but i can't be bothered arguing the truth, the people involved are all too stubborn and all too caught up in keeping up their self-image to take a bullet they deserve.
It'll get them eventually.

I'm quite happy tonight. I've been quite happy the last couple of days, things are looking up... I've done a large amount of nothing, but it was a blank i need in my life.
I miss sis, i miss people, i miss butterflies, i miss good tv.
I miss school and i miss pointless awkward feelings like i miss glandular fever.
Its getting late.
I should go to bed at some point.
But i thought i should drop in to tell you all i'm still breathing.
The air is crisp.

In Aeternum,
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