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Saturday - I am Nick Caves Bleeding Heart on crack
Date: May 25th, 2007 8:13:17 pm - Subscribe
Mood: Hopeful
Load on my mind: No roads.

I will speak in generalities.
When a heart is broken. Pulled cell by cell, in every painful and graphic detail.
Thrown on the floor, stepped on and cooked up with a vinaigrette salad and served hot.
There really isn’t much else to do. There are two choices. Regenerate or live as an open wound.
I’m not letting this stand in the way of my life. There’s something out there for me, be it in love or wealth or construction or destruction. Something will happen for me.
I’m 17. I have to live as fast as I can.
There’s so much I have to do before I leave this world. What it all is, I’m still not sure, but there’s a lot.
I’ve got so much I have to do to feel complete that the time to experiences ratio is daunting, but I’m not fazed.
I am a unique snowflake.

In Aeternum,

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tron - May 25th, 2007
Yes, you are brother. We aren't the same. We learn, we live. We generate in ourselves a uniqueness. We OWN our experience. We alone are accountable. WE survive.

You've handled this all so well, you make me proud to call you brother. You make me proud to be your sis.



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