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Saturday - This is the only way
Date: Jul 7th, 2007 1:20:39 am - Subscribe
Mood: Strong
Load on my mind: "Alt.end" - The Cure

Cold or wise-ing up?
I can’t decide which of these I am. But I’m tying up loose ends. And I haven’t regretted a word I’ve said so far.
My ex-girlfriend is out of my life, it might be harsh, and the words I said it in. But I don’t need to justify my actions. She had it a long time coming and maybe she’ll realise she can’t be everyone’s friend, she’s not always the good guy, she hurts people, she’s no angel I’ve ever seen.
My ex-friend is out of my life. He fucked me over once, I forgave him, I grew, I thought he would to. But he didn’t. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.
I’ll build my own fucking wall.
This is my life and I refuse to waste it on human garbage.
I want to create; the only way to start creation is to give it a catalyst.
I had to destroy to start a revolution of my own.
I saw no harm in cutting the strings of the past.
I regret nothing.
Maybe I’m evil, maybe I’m dark. But I trust myself now. There is no guilt, its hard to give up on something, but its all for the greater good that is me.

We all know humans only ever seek comfort, for themselves. It comes in different forms. Sometimes it looks like they care about the others, but sometimes that is the only way to win. Recruit people to your own cause. Maybe having a group behind you will bring you comfort, but babes, it will never keep you warm at night.

We’re all lost, we’re all scared.

If we weren’t we wouldn’t be searching.

Live on the edge, live in chaos. It’s the only way to find an answer.
Go cold. Emotions seem to get in the way.
Maybe they are the only form of enlightenment we’ll ever use, because they can make us comfortable. Are emotions a part of our soul?
Or are they a disease in every humans mind to sway our souls?
Because our soul is all that is pure. The rest of the human, the charted parts are only to keep us from being gods.

Burning bright.
In Aeternum,

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anonymous - July 10th, 2007
u know those days....when you dont see the sunlight.

today was another one


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