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Sunday - A brain for saturday evening
Date: Aug 19th, 2007 4:47:19 am - Subscribe
Mood: abstract

Last night.
Absolute chaos.
Hell breaks loose and I’m sitting talking to a city slicker, cowboys and tech. Freaks.
Nothing to do but to drink my death and walk to the river is all I presume.
Followed by a city slicker, a tech and someone who asks to many questions and says too much.
To drown away what I see in a blaze of feet, dirt, ditches and nicotine gum.
To the river. To the river.
It meets the sea, meets to see.
Sit on the rocks and talk of the days we call the present.
We are calling to the worlds for comfort, for acceptance and for grief.
Greed, corruption, words run behind the people.
A city, a builder, a techie.
My brain drips from the can we talk from and the water sounds like the sweetness it leaks into the night air.
Breath it in.
The water is cool.
Pure, real, escape.
Drown and never see the light.
You only need one centimetre of water to drown in.
Take the reins, your destiny is in the water,
No, the city, the builder, the tech.
They beckon to the heavens to run to the sky,
Run to the hills, run with no feet, no feat,
Fall to hell.

Back in hell, we see the seats we talked from,
But we are sitting in the dark in a childhood memory…
Words, so many words, so many expletives now,
What happened here, the message so clear?
But now where am I?

No, wait.
where are you going?
Back to the water to drown, dear
are you going?
Because this world is too dark,
I can’t be taken into the malevolence that is humans, dear
please don’t go I’ll take your limbs.
Please dearest honey I love you so dearly,
Keep me near but don’t deny me control.
Asleep now. Asleep. Asleep now. Asleep.

Running, to death, to vengeance, to knowing,
Three options, three paths thrown to the tip of my shoes.

To vengeance and knowing,
Where’s the knife I’m going to fix this
Ask questions and sly answers bring the knife to your throat,
How does it feel to be faced with death, we all want a little death
Dragged away by the drag queen, the alcohol evaporates,
Where lies this priority, in vengeance or in care?
In care, in care,
Priorities, fates idea.
Talk, calm, interact,
Honey, you are safe and there was no blood tonight,
Tomorrow the blood will have never been shed in the minds eye,
Tomorrow things will make sense, just breathe now.
Breathe, everything will be alright,
Breathe, bubbles, hope and dreams,
Forget this sick society.
Let’s get out of here

I’m fine, sober now, give me the keys, I can drive
Love me love me, love,
In the car drunk and staring,
Sober, intoxicated, the same.
Safe. This is safety, safe.
Babe, you’re going too fast

Strawberries, tears and warm beds,
The night,
Like shadows on night,
Only movement visible,
You did the right thing.

In aeternum,
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