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Sunday - Buttfuck my senses.
Date: Apr 1st, 2007 5:13:34 am - Subscribe
Mood: N/A
Load on my mind: Stretching, Passing Roadsigns

My post titles grow all the more vulgar.
Once again. For the first time in months, proud months, i've drowned in a bottle and become ash in a cone piece.
But, it was all for fun, not because it was a special occasion because everybody was up for it. 4 mates and my girl, a BBQ, a bong and alcohol.
I had a great night. I forgot all night and laughed my ass off.
Now i'm sitting at my desk, nursing myself til bedtime. Listening to my 3 disc album 'Classic chillout' - Ministry of sound. Brilliant.
I've been thinking.
What do i want to do with my life.
I want to be happy and get giddy when i think of what i'm going to become, as much as i'd like to become a teacher and as bad as my experiences with psychologists have been. When i think about being one i feel like i could help, i love the theories, the philosophy, the sociology, the ego-boosting medical names i could spew at the self-conscious...
ok not so much the last one.
A lot of thinking goes on in a stagnant world, no one wants it stirred, i'll leave it to demise.

"Breathe Me" ^ Sia

Its a remix. a brilliant remix.
I'm trying to make myself feel better.
I'm trying so hard to be the Shepard.
I often speak of my hate for ignorance.
my hate for depression and everything that revolves around it.
But tonight i add a new brand of human to this list.
Something has risen to sit with my 2 hated and become a butt surfing threesome.
Yeah i've said i hate them, but they are towards the higher end of the hierarchy.
All three of you will perish, you'll burn so bright you'll smoulder and leave this place, forever.

You were never faithful my good friend.
Before you had 'crushes' on everyone, before your true pathetic nature was made world renowned.
You never wanted us together and as soon as you saw an opportunity you took it with both hands, i must commend you on the way you set this all out.
Dirty rotten liar, unfaithful, deceitful...
Yes, i told you that your halo would burn. melt, fade, bleed fumes into your eyes.
Those aren't tears of love gone wrong, those are tears of a tantrum, those are the tears of a liar.
You fabricate elaborate events involving me and someone you 'love' (love! you hooked up at a party, hypocrite. You lie and swear you're truthful, hypocrite). You tell people you want to break two lovers apart (you! want to fuck around your best friend? you want to kill something that makes her happy to get your dick wet!? you want to break up lovers, EVEN THOUGH you swore that wasn't what you were trying to do? hypocrite). If i was a lawyer dearest enemy, you would be found guilty.
You are not what you think you are.
Your shit stinks and you know what?
You've held it in for so long and there is so much that its going to be all over the headlines when you can't hold it in any longer.
You're dead, you just don't know it yet.

Yes, i feel better.
Even in writing that i don't feel bad, worried.
hey, we've been through worse then what you are trying to put on us. You can't break us apart.
Why would i write all of this?
because i want to expose you. I don't ask for information anymore, i'm past you, but when someone tells me something, i won't forget it.
Yeah, it must be hate.

Wow, what a load. seriously, if i have nothing interesting to say, don't ask me to talk. it isn't friendly banter. I should stop posting shit like this. As much i agree with it and as much as i'd like EVERYONE to know this, they don't have to, because it'll all come around one day.


In Aeternum,
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