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Sunday - Motherfuck.
Date: Mar 17th, 2007 11:53:08 pm - Subscribe
Mood: perplexed
Load on my mind: Watching The World Move Under Lightspeeds Feet

I should be angry.
I should be upset.
I should be yelling.
I should be having a tantrum.

I'm just. eh.
That's it.
Yeah, maybe i deserve a little more respect.
Maybe i should beat the fuck out of someone.
But i don't want to.
Because i trust.
Karma will have its way.
For all your lying, all your deceit,
For all your faking.

You've painted yourself a halo my ex-friend.
Big yellow, calm, peaceful, safe and friendly.
But listen and listen carefully,
If you keep walking around in these big green bright and sunny fields singing angelic hymns.
You will burn out.
Your cardboard halo will become pale, the paint will peel and the night dew will melt your halo into a noose.
If you were the angel your costume represents, i'd tell you all this, but i know you aren't, you're ignorant, you are deceit incarnate, you are asking to burn out, you are asking to crash.
All i can do is watch you like a movie that i know the ending to.

"And, not to bring your halo down,
Around your neck and tug you off your cloud"
^A Perfect Circle

In Aeternum,
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runawaykid - March 18th, 2007
woah yeah. your entry reminds me that what comes around comes around..
cool blog.
and band =]


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