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Sunday - Wings have got to hurt when they split your back open.
Date: Jun 3rd, 2007 5:20:30 am - Subscribe
Mood: Martyr-Slut for blame.
Load on my mind: "The Big Come Down" - NIN

Have I sunk this low.
Or is this a new high?

Now I’m the martyr.
I think its because its easier to just give in.
Yes I’m the reason you and your friend don’t get on.
Yes I’m the reason our friends are divided.
I’m all that is evil in our world.
Fill me with things I’m not sure I’ve done.
Give me the blame.
Because I don’t even know what I’ve done,
Maybe I am just havoc, and chaos,
Maybe in your lives that’s all I am,
I’ve grown accustomed to your blame,
I’m used to taking all the problems in,
I used to fight back,
I used to wear a bullet-proof vest and point the gun back at you,
But I’ll take the bullet because it doesn’t hurt that much anymore.

In Aeternum,

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tron - June 03rd, 2007
When did watching the carnage involve getting blood on your hands. You can't fix the world by owning problems that aren't yours in the first place. You can't claim other people's hurts. There is no point. You can't mend what isn't yours. Stand up and REMEMBER who YOU are!

Don't be a martyr... don't be a pity whore. I'm afraid it never looks good on anyone. The best thing you can do in this situation is be happy for yourself, and strong and independent when it comes to her... You can't mend things from the ground.

Remember I told you something a long time ago about watching the fatality, well some fucker just ran you over and you've become the fatality, but you can't watch it from the wreckage, so crawl OUT...

I'm offering you a hand, a light at the end of the tunnel, a little something different to try and get you through, and out in one piece, all you have to do is stand up, and take my hand... can you do that?


anonymous - June 04th, 2007
I can. but i have to try one last thing, so i don't run away and say i didn't try every option. so i can be at peace myself.
Then, whatever comes from it, i'll be fine, because i tried everything i could.


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