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Thursday - Call me a disappointment, I'll call you a hypocrite
Date: Mar 15th, 2007 4:00:39 am - Subscribe
Mood: Happy
Load on my mind: Moving With The Wind

Yeah, I feel a bit better after a few days full of pseudoephedrine.
Still sick, but you know, a little more with it.

Spent the afternoon with a group of friends and realised I hate recognition. I hate being told I’ve been a past crush. I hate being told who I am.

I also learnt I like being quiet. I like laying down and listening to other people talking around me. So that I can take it in and be left to my own thoughts, that way I don’t have to be anything.

I like being peaceful, collected, calm. I can see a more evolved me ripping out of my depression.
All in the most passive way you could imagine.
When this is all over, when all this negativity has finally been laid to rest, I’ll be me.

I have strong opinions, but I can listen.
And I’ll never hear the ignorant.

Inner peace is creeping back, and I want to fall back into the lake of serenity.
I want to float, I don’t want to paddle, thrash or swim anymore.
I want the waters of this purity to move me in the direction of my goals.

I know I’ll need a piece of driftwood, at least until this year is over, until I remove those who are lead to my body are unchained and sink.

This psycho-melodramatic world I’ve been living in is so blatant, stagnant, unnecessary and saddening. I can never get what I want in such a burnt out world.

“Generate what you need. Need only what you generate”

It might not be the meaning you meant. But, in short, to me, I’ll do whatever makes me happy. I enjoy it all, and what I enjoy, I’ll do.

Happiness is the lock. The key is… it’s peace, it’s apathy, and it’s wariness.

In Aeternum,
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