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Tuesday - Not A Pretty Sight.
Date: May 29th, 2007 5:52:35 am - Subscribe
Mood: wired
Load on my mind: Running.

So much racism in our school.
Since when was it acceptable to call someone a nigger.
Since when did people sit and watch someone get attacked like this.
Because no one fucking stands up.

Fuck That.
I can't and i'm not sitting by and watching it anymore.
I don't care if it means beatings, hate or anything to me.
Because at least i'm fucking doing something.
So fuck you, you ignorant pricks. This isn't right. Before i leave, i will make a difference.

Not just with racism, prejudice against women, bullying. All of it.
And i'm through caring about self image, being a passive guy. I don't care if it makes me a hypocrite to punch someone younger in the mouth for mouthing off to a girl. Yeah. Hes a big fucking hero.
I don't care anymore, these are basic human rights and if they can't get along, i'll wage war against the instigators.

Fuck all your gangster white boy images, fuck your clan hoods, fuck your wife beatings.
You're all my enemy and i will get justice for these people, And if i can only get that through violence then so be it.

I am free to do anything now. And i am very very pissed off.


On other news. Once again, i think my ex is being passive-aggressive, but, eh.
Plenty of girls out there, i've already found one that is nice enough, a bit younger, but nice. So, Yeah.
School is going well.
Only English stuff to work on now.
Thats my weekend stuff i'm thinking.
To be completely honest, i love being single. But its fun to browse.
Must be off, every day is important now. Now i have a new reason to wake up, to help the more oppressed people of my school. Because, most of these people rock and don't deserve this abuse.
Anyway, no more rants tounge.gif

In Aeternum,
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tron - May 29th, 2007
Fuck, every day you make me more proud of you lil brother. I know that thats a bit like a broken record. But it makes me so happy to see your attitude turn around "Must be off, every day is important now"... a reminder to everyone...

Just be careful. Its one thing to watch the accident unfold, quite another to try and haul people's arses out of the burning wreckage.


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