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Tuesday - SNIT!
Date: Mar 27th, 2007 6:33:07 am - Subscribe
Mood: Busy!
Load on my mind: Running around all over the tar

I spent the later hours of my afternoon thinking about everything.
I had this whole idea about what I was going to write down and how awesome it was going to look and how proud I’d be after I wrote it.
Then I forgot it.
If I ramble and something extraordinary comes out, I’ll be proud, one day I’ll make collaboration of things I’ve written that I like.

Since the other day. Sunday was my last blog.
Yes, a bitch about an old friend.
A bitch about humans.

Humans. A lot of banter and ‘huffing & puffing’ goes on in this area.
“I hate humans!” – Every angsty teenager and a few others
“Humanity sucks, people are awful!” – Teenagers, ‘environmentalists’, Emo/punk bands
All of this and more.
Humans, as a group, we are our own antichrist; we stand against everything we stand for as a collective.
I’ve always had a soft spot for apocalypse.

Humans, as individuals are everything and nothing; we can be perfection, we can be imperfection, we can be any number of combinations of whatever we are.

The key is selecting.
The key is choice.
Be picky and you’ll love humanity.
If you spend your life, finding the ‘right’ crowd, enjoying the company of the ‘right’ people. Now ‘right’ is the word for the people that make you happy.

Ok, that was a few days ago.
This part is a little less philosophical.
I’m busy.
I’ve got a new band that have me learning songs around the clock.
I have a SHITLOAD of schoolwork and I’m actually motivated to do it.
I love it.
I’m busy.
My mind isn’t being crowded by the inevitably awkward situation between my girlfriend and her best friend/my enemy.
In fact, relationships have been the last thing on my list and I think Rae and I are both enjoying this ‘space’.
Our first ‘gig’ (If it can so be called) is tomorrow, just playing a few songs at the high school. So. I had a few songs to learn this afternoon I’m feeling a little more confident about them, just practise tomorrow before the ‘gig’.
Then we are apparently in the ‘Battle of the bands’.
All good fun.

Anyway, I’m off.
Stay classy.

In Aeternum,

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tron - March 28th, 2007
You know the thing about perfection, imperfection and the whole malarky with humans is? Humans are the only things capable of being the things they define. We live inside our own defined parameters. Its fucking great isn't it?

Humans, I have a soft spot for humans. They're awesome. They're my favourite thing to watch. Look at them. This afternoon I was watching them all crawl home to their lives from their work and wondering "Why do you go to work?".

Why the hell do we toil away to make this giant human stimulus machine work anyway?? I don't know. I may possibly be ranting.

I'm glad that you are busy brother, I'm glad that you are enjoying it.
Thanks for stopping by.


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