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Tuesday - Trials.
Date: Aug 7th, 2007 6:56:41 am - Subscribe
Mood: Profound
Load on my mind: "The Crystal Ship" - The Doors

My girl.
My child.
My love.
My muse.

Everything i never asked for and something i couldn't stand to be aware of in a distant light.
You kill and stoke the fire.
You make me write the words the mind thinks subconsciously.
Every word from a dream, every word meaning something to a memory, to a metaphor i haven't made yet.
Every metaphor is nothing until i find its context.
Mindless ramble or the philosophy of life, its a fine line.
Nothing more to write about tonight, i'm too busy with education.
But soon, the world will wondrous, be it a dark alley or a sunny blue day, i will find its beauty and if i don't, its pain.
The time is coming for music, all i have to find is the right minds now.
But for now, to wait, to study, to have a fallback plan if the world fails me, like i bitterly predict.

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