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Tuesday - Year Zero, Year Zero-One-Two-Three
Date: Apr 9th, 2007 10:35:59 pm - Subscribe
Mood: Plateau'd
Load on my mind: Gah.

I have NIN's new album 'Year Zero'.
Short review.
For anyone that has listened to NIN.
This is...
A brilliant, dissonant album.
A twisted hybrid baby of The Downward Spiral and With Teeth. Within this though, fans can hear aspects of 'Broken' & 'Fixed'. (Listen to 'Survivalism', sound familiar?).
One of my favorites off this album is 'Capitol G', personally the verses remind me of a Marilyn Manson impersonator... But not. The chorus is very NIN, using the same tones and scales, riffs that NIN are renowned for.
I really can't be assed telling the whole story behind 'Year Zero' but basically, some significant events have taken place in the world and the outcome of it is told in this album, so, this is a theory to what America could become and in turn the world, 'Year Zero' = Hypothesis of America
I can't say enough good about this album.
Buy it, it's out on the 15th or 16th i think.

Enough about that now.

I went out to Raes last night, drank some gin... drank, a lot of gin.
Got reminded of the past then asked what should happen.
I was left thinking,
"How the hell do i react to that? I can't erase the past and if you don't completely believe the words i say then how else can i prove myself without just, not doing the wrong thing again, if that isn't good enough then, bye?"
Because that is what it comes down to, yeah, I've done some unforgivable things, but if you can't get past these then, don't ask me to fix it when you know i can't. Sorry, but its get past it or nothing.

It sounds cruel, I'm sorry, but there is no other way, you can't live in ignorance. It makes the rest of the wood burn that much brighter.

What else is new.
I have so much homework, but i want to relax this week.
Our band got another gig, just at the pub in my hometown.
My other band has a few pubs asking us to performing at the open mic nights.
And my OTHER band, which is only two people is working on just random stuff, kind of... If Panteras guitar and Nirvanas voice had a baby.
And me? Well i'm practicing my own stuff. busy little boy, I am.

So i guess, today, i have no new interesting life plot points. No milestones. No distress. No pain.

"I'm on a plain, But I can't complain" ^ Nirvana

In Aeternum,
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