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Wednesday - "Read a book"
Date: May 30th, 2007 4:08:32 am - Subscribe
Mood: Blargh.

I've got a crush. Yes its true.
Shes pretty, she unbelievably pretty.
Shes an angel, shes got a beautiful personality.
Shes nice, headstrong, arty, short, younger, intelligent, slightly cynical but optimistic.
Shes great. my kind of girl.
And the greatest thing, i'm not doing much about it. I mean i talk to her when i get a chance. but, she talks to me, she gives me little smiles, and looks in the eye, feeds me chewing gum.
Man would i love to call her mine.
Man would i love to love her.
I guess i'll just see where it all goes, if it happens, it happens.

My group of friends is falling apart, its sad to see, so close to the end, i wish we could just be a happy family again.
Sides have been made.
Hate has been breathed.
Passive-aggression is so thick that i'm scared to move within certain places.

How the hell did me and her end up like this.
Leaders of two sides. Or something like that.
I've tried to talk to her.
To tell her she isn't who i fell in love with,
To tell her that i wanted to see that version again,
Because i don't want to remember her for who she is now.

Its sad but somehow so cathartic, seeing the one thing i've put all my energy into for the last 6 years just fall apart in a matter of weeks. no, no, days.

Not much else to say.
I'm gunna just walk around for a bit. really looking forward to some sleep.

In Aeternum,
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