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Wednesday - Single.
Date: May 9th, 2007 7:22:17 am - Subscribe
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And as the man began to sink, his lower half gone.
The shark swam away.
And bleeding, like an extrovert, the people on the shoreline stood up and cried.
He knew it was over. The worst part was done.
He stopped bleeding. pale, blue he looked around.
Holding his breath, he wondered why he still did.
Some kind of hope still in him. He prayed.
Bloodless, Half a man used his remaining strength to hold his hands together and prayed to his goddess.
The apple of discord had hit him hard in the head, he refused over and over.
Until he let go, his destiny would never unfold.
So he did.
And like a miracle, he awoke and watched his veins fill again. The blood pumped to the ends of his fingers and he was alive.
His legs kicked. He looked down and realised he was cold. he looked up to the sun and swam.
He resurfaced, new and unblemished.
flicking his hair he stared at the shore.
Empty, he felt the water swirl.
He felt himself get swept away, further and further from the shore.
To fight it would take him out into no where, with no one.
And he let go.
Floating towards the shore.
He saw everyone watching him, smiling, waving him back.
He swam to the sand and lay in the sun.
The warmth filled him, his legs regained feeling.
The shark, although a shark of the time, was no more then a dolphin, knocking him under the water to wake him.
He crawled next to the strangers, the same strangers he always knew. That he would never know.
But he was at peace.
His heart pumped his skin blue to red.
Shivering, he was alive, and he waits.
He waits for his body to feel the sun again.
To reach its aurea mediocritas.


So. Its over, and this time, its for good, not a week or a month, maybe a year or so.
Maybe for my life.
But its over.
And now i have myself to look after and no one else to worry about.
I can be oblivious to the world when i wish.
I can find myself.
I can keep my morals.
And thats what got me here.
I guess thats where i stand.
"only time will tell If we stand the test of time"
-Van Halen

I don't know.
But i'm sure i'll make it throuh.
Be like water.
Be like Victors mother. (Haven't finished reading yet)
Be like Eris.
Be like Me.
Look after myself...
I need to grow.
I need to grow on my own.
But which piece must i start on....

In Aeternum,
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