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[ Subject | my day ]
[ Date | Sep 23rd, 2004 9:03:28 pm - Subscribe ]
[ Mood | happy ]
Today was our Womens Festival for Lyrics. We left Alameda at about 8:00 am and went to Lakewood. I was in Amandas van with Mindy, Rachel, and Jenee. We were listening to Papa Roach and like, I was sitting in the back and I was sad because thing's aren't going so well right now. So Jenee crawled from the front seat to the back where I was and started singing. lol It was great. When we got to Lakewood, we drove by the choirs that were standing there and we were blasting Manson. lol We got some of the greatest looks. lol So we go to park then we walk through the parking lot to the school. We were shown to our little (and I mean LITTLE lol) room and put our stuff down. We then went into the auditorium and while I sat there, I saw this chick, Jessica, that has been talking mad shit about one of my best friends, Lauren, and being a total narc. Anyways, when I saw Jessica I just started at her with the death look and was talking about her to my friends and pointing and shat. She looked at me with that "Oh shat, I'm in trouble" look. lol It was great. After a bit we started singing and everyone sounded really good. When we had to move to sit in our school rows, I walked by Jessica and I was talking to my friends. I looked at her and was like "Yeah, this bitch Jessica has been talking shat about one of my best friends and you know I don't take shat like that well." and gave her the death look again. After a bit and after watching a couple choirs sing, it was our turn. We didn't suck TOO much, but we weren't as great as we could have been. After that was lunch so Amanda, Mindy, Rachel and I went to Good Times. We got free food because Mindy works there. We drove back to the school and decided to walk around and try to find a bathroom. Yeah, we got lost. lol After lunch we watched a few more choirs then we went back to Alameda and just hung out. Yeah, that was my day. lol Gots to go. Cya!

Live on,
Love on,
Rock on.
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January 08th, 2005 | chibiheartdragon
Where did you goo? It's been months since your last update. o.o


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