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Biography I'm a punk rock, emo girl. lol I love emo boys. I'm a sucker for guys in girl pants, guys wearing eyeliner, lip piercings (hell, any piercings), boys kissing, and guys in bands. I don't smoke or do drugs, and I rarely drink. I'm kind of a spaz, but that's just me. I love to have a good time. I will do just about anything if I'm dared. I really want to be in a band. I've wanted to since I can remember. Just the thought of being on stage and singing my songs to people excites me. If I don't make it in a band (because I can't really play the guitar, although I'm teaching myself, and I can't really sing, although my friends say I can), I want to do something with music. Anything with music. Be a manager, own a recording studio or just travel with bands and help them with anything-basically a roadie, or a groupie. lol. I'm on of those people that often speak their minds. If I like something, then I'll say it, but if I don't like something, then by God you will hear from me. lol. I'm am brutally honest as well. If you want the honest truth about something, I'm the girl. For example, I love music! And if I were to listen to something that someone thought was "the shit", but I didn't think so, I would just flat out say "They suck." or "This is crap." I would give reasons as to why I don't like it. One thing that bugs me is how some guys act. Like, there are guys that only care about T&A, and that pisses me off! I know I'm not the hottest person in the world, and I don't have the best body, but that shouldn't matter. I'm a great person to be around, and I have a grat personality. I'm always good to have around because I can, most of the time, lighten up to mood. I love making people laugh and I love laughing myself.
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