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qiuqiu How to rip DVD video and DVD to the iPod touch, iPod nano, iPod classic on Mac OS X - Subscribe

This step by step guide shows you how DVD movies to iPod video and audio,,convert video to mp4, and how to rip to iPod / iPhone. iSkysoft DVD to iPod Converter is a powerful but easy to convert your iPod to use video converter for Mac OS X to play DVD movies to play the file.
Click Insert the DVD, go to the DVD movie you open your hard disk or DVD add-ROM, DVD folder, select the VIDEO_TS folder and click OK.

Or, click Load, IFO, find the folder of the DVD of the film, which opens you open your hard disk or DVD-ROM DVD add a folder to VIDEO_TS, select all the IFO files and click OK.
On the left side of the window you can see the output file of the Board selected a title, select a subtitle to your movie, select an audio track.
At the bottom of the window, select an output format such as MP4, M4V files and MP3, click the Settings button on the video and audio encoding settings and create a directory for output files are stored.

Format: This software supports the iPod touch, iPod classic and iPod nano, iPod shuffle. It also supports convert iPhone, Apple TV, PSP, and the correct output format for the device name to select a location in the output format by default.
When you convert the funds or securities from your iPod to your command in an output file, you can use the merge option in a file.

After setting the output settings, just click the Convert button to convert the movie. You can choose to have your computer automatically after conversion, if you want to wait, while the conversion DONT.
Connect your iPod or iPhone to your Mac and launch iTunes. Here are the movies and you will find direct synchronization with your iPod or iPhone. Thats it. You can share your movies on your iPod, whatever!

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qiuqiu Apple iPod touch 16 GB (2nd Generation) Plus Review Mar 22nd, 2010 9:38:52 pm - Subscribe
Is the iPod Touch and iPhone, they differ in their ability to use your phone and the network of AT ,T 3G. Both aircraft are still able to play almost any format known to mankind and have the same user interface, the iPhone via Apple's Ad-aware.
If you are interested in the iPod touch in the news, will be pleased to know that Apple are two characteristics of the device is in place. The first is that the volume controls for iPods, the external and the other is the internal speakers.

Now you can be honest. Most people who have an iPhone or iPod to be connected with headphones. Youre not going to sound quality of each speaker to join us at home and body. In other words, the new iPod touch is much better president than the iPhone, mainly because theres more space for the event.
Like all products of Apple, given the object and industrial design team had the iPhone, iPod Touch C, the two devices is almost impossible, except to say in the past, and that the grid points of the speakers have succeeded using and try to make a call. Got a steel plate and the back of Apple design is smooth. It's a little more external controls do not try to always have a touch screen, but those who want a touch screen that did this thing the gadget.
The new iPod touch for those who listen to music, first because the sound quality. The unit does not operate in the form of noise, the loss compared to the iPhone. Since the iPod touch does not suffer from these diseases of the spectrum, which is competitive by nature, when it comes to telephone communication needs. It is obvious that when RF interference, the sound quality is lost.

The iPod touch is a good choice of sounds and technology has made an album in Cover Flow for all promotions and other buttons in the interface that you can find Apple's reputation in the SELECT.

Whatever you want music or C and see the movie, the iPod touch is a gadget happy sounds. Something that people appreciate the more technical and there is more than any iPod on the market. The concept of the iPod has evolved, and this form of media.
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qiuqiu Apple Ipod Touch Musically Yours Mar 24th, 2010 2:10:15 am - Subscribe
Apple will triumph over the electronics market with the introduction of the iPod touch. As always, the final product, which houses Apple Goodwill management. In 1997, the introduction of the iPod, Apple was the first revolution in the world of electronics. iPods complete degradation in the world of mobile music, which resulted in record sales worldwide continents of Europe and America continuously for ten years. To repeat the triumph, is back with the Apple iPod Touch, the latest version of the iPod.

The most attractive feature of the iPod touch is the ability of music directly from iTunes. It may very easily using Wi-Fi Devices iPod touch features a beautiful 3.5-inch to assist in movies and television shows. The bright display provides high image quality with vibrant color display, 320 X 480 pixels.
Another important aspect is the revolution of multi-touch interface. The iPod touch also includes the same technology multi-touch screen, which was followed by the iPhone. It is possible to zoom into an image. Additionally, the user through the songs and videos for a move.

The question, then the box iPod touch. The implementation of the Framework Decision, the iPod touch is possible with audio, USB 2.0, USB, dock adapter, polishing and polishing cloth. Also takes a position and slightly upward, it is particularly useful for the user.
What we all need to work on an iPod touch. Like the old iPods to Apple, which also requires a port USB 2.0, iTunes 7.4, and access to the Internet. It would be better if the broadband connection. So what are you waiting for? Custom iPod Touch, as soon as possible to have the best technology available.
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qiuqiu DSA members, select QC Software Warehouse Control Mar 24th, 2010 11:49:19 pm - Subscribe
DSA member companies such as Arbonne, Lia Sophia has hundreds of UGS products and turned to the two organizations to improve their QC Software Warehouse Control System Solution for Direct Sales Organizations. video conversion,

The Direct Selling Association (DSA) is the national association of the largest manufacturers and distributors of goods and services sold directly to consumers. Over 200 companies are members of the association, including many names familiar to the brand. clearly demonstrates that people, such as direct marketing shop. According to recent polls, almost three quarters (74 percent) of Americans have purchased products or services through direct sales.

Direct selling is a growing industry. Sales in the United States has more than doubled in the last decade by more than 30 billion U.S. dollars and are now over 100 billion U.S. dollars worldwide reports of CSD. Since CCA advisor or consultant for companies to choose from a wide range of products they need quickly and delivered with precision and efficiency of the importance of warehouse control systems can not be overstated.

QC Software ( is a leading provider of Tier 1 storage systems to monitor the storage and distribution. Combined in 1996, QC Software to use the state of technology with extensive research, development and rigorous testing, has developed the QC Enterprise suite of products. Solution designed to be modular in nature, easy adjustment, regardless of the platform and highly scalable to meet the needs of any size warehouse. About DSA, QC Software has business links with the Professional Council of Supply Chain Management, Education and Research Council Warehouseing and material handling Industry of America.
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qiuqiu How can you insert a DVD movie in PowerPoint Mar 26th, 2010 12:55:45 am - Subscribe

I try to put a part of the broadcast, audio / video to DVD PowerPoint presentation on a projector. I tried to download third party software, conversion, PFC Pro, but no success. Play DVD movies in Windows Media Player 11 is not a problem. I'm with Windows Vista Premium. What is the best way? This is a simple question, convert dvd to ipodthe answers often Yahoo. Now Id like to show my opinion to solve this problem.
There are 2 kinds Finish to complete your project. The first is to convert DVD movie to video, the other is the import / convert video to PowerPoint. In addition to the PowerPoint 2003 Leawo DVD Ripper is a program file. Now you can use to convert: 1: How to Leawo Video DVD Ripper DVD? Leawo DVD Ripper is a DVD converter all-inclusive for all video format DVD RIP wideuse. It can convert DVD to AVI, DVD, rip DVD to WMV, MP4, DVD, DVD to 3GP, MOV to DVD, etc. You can copy the contents of the security of the DVD on your computer or your laptop, iPod games, mobile phone, PSP, iPhone, MP4 and others on the road. The power in this DVD rip is trim and video crop. You can get your video into a smaller reduction, soil and enjoy the best view.

Insert the DVD into the DVD drive to open the program and import the DVD files.
Step 1, you have the settings: 1 Under the heading, select the language for subtitles.
2. In the audio, select the language of sound.
3. In your profile, select the appropriate video format such as AVI, WMV.
4. In all, the file output file.
Step 2 Click the Customize button on the video coverage of your needs.
A. Effect of adaptation: Shoot the films for brightness, contrast and volume to improve the video.
b. Drag and drop the key blade to cut the video or edit values directly in the beginning and end.
c. Select an option from the mailbox to see the video, or a right, not satisfied with the harvest. Click OK to confirm settings.

Step 3 Click the big button to start conversion. A few minutes later, you will get the converted video.
Part 2: How to integrate Video to convert PowerPoint? When you insert a video in PowerPoint 2003, you can import the converted video from your file in PowerPoint 2003. PowerPoint automatically has motion clips clips Coll. Motion clips such as clip art, with the exception of images, including cartoons. See this animation when you start the slideshow.

Put the converted video PowerPoint presentation and in the same folder. Insert the most appropriate format in PowerPoint are WMV. AVI, MPG. ASF is also good, but it depends on the codec that you codec is a device or program can and encryption / decryption or digital data stream or signal. Okay, you can start now.

Step 1 Click the Insert menu, point to Movies and Sounds, and on tape (video) files.
Step 2 Click the video you want, then click OK. Tips: Always put the movie in the same folder as the presentation in PowerPoint. If you later move the PowerPoint presentation to another computer, copy the movie too. Keeping your movie in the same folder as the presentation of the association is always guaranteed. However, you should always test your movie a new computer, just to be sure. Replace the cartridge if necessary.

Step 3 Once you click OK, you will be prompted with a message about how you want the movie to start promoting the show. The warning appears, asking you how to start the movie. For the movie to start playing automatically then click Automatic. Does your movie by clicking the mouse when you press Start.

It is noteworthy that in PowerPoint 2003, you can run your movies full screen. This is a unique feature. Here are the simple steps to get the movie in full screen.
Step 1 Right-click on the subject of the film (the small rectangle) and the menu Edit movie object.
Step 2 In the dialog box appears in the film. Under Display options screen, select Enable full zoom, then click OK.

Well, if the video automatically when you change the transparency, we will stop here, and then happily enjoy your videos with your desire for PowerPoint 2003.
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