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Integrate Your Twitter Account

Sep 8th, 2010 3:54:48 am - Subscribe

One of the great things about Twitter from the perspective of usability is its ability to be updated from a variety of sources, and Outlook is no exception. Integration is provided courtesy of Twinbox (formerly known OutTwit), so that you keep their followers in the circuit, 140 characters at a time.
To use it, download the free plug-in here and install it. The next time the fire from Microsoft Outlook Added Twinbox in the toolbar to your customer. Click on the dropdown menu and select Options Twinbox, then enter your Twitter account credentials.

Before you hit the OK button to confirm, you are on the other tabs and configure. Receive tab, for example, you can configure by Twinbox incoming Twitter messages in any folder, and assign color categories to new messages. If you are a heavy Twitter user, you may want to check for new messages Twinbox every few minutes - the shortest interval available - or once per hour if you are an occasional user. You can also use automatic URL shortening Twinbox with TinyURL, but we would be happy if the service bit.ly instead.

When you are ready, a new update is published, simply press the New button and enter your message (you can add photos this way also.) On the upper right corner you will see the number of remaining characters. Very clever, is not it?
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