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HaBBy new Year! - Dec 29th, 2008 2:30:57 am - Subscribe
As the year ends gloomily with the recent economic crisis, hopefully next year will be a better one for all.

I anticipate with excitment as well as anxiety as my due date creeps closer and closer. How will i react? Will I be able to go through without feeling much pain? Will I cry and scream and scratch the nurse like what my sis did? How will my BB look like?

She's been so active these days, the kicking sensations are so amazing. Similar to hitting a balloon. She'll disturb me everytime at 2am, without fail but hopefully she doesn't do that when she's out. sad.gif I heard so many horror stories about mummies getting depression just by taking care of the baby. What the HACK!? my grandma had like 6 children and she's living a ripe old age of 85 and still going strong!!!

Talking about youngsters these days, I've been picturing those teenagers like my kids and it's truly tramatizing!!!

The clothes that they wear, the language that they speak and the mannerism. OMG, I can only pray hard that my girl girl will be guai guai de.

Hopefully we can be good parents and bring to my kids a comfortable and happy home. I want to have 3 children if I can afford!! happy.gif

What should I name my BB?
Elsa? Emma? Phoebe?? So many names, only one BB. So confused one. Seeing my niece grow up day by day, becoming cuter and cuter. I am already imagining how my BB will grow and look like, will be so strange to see someone look like me.. haha.

Well..happy new year everyone!

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