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My bundle of joy - Oct 13th, 2008 2:37:05 am - Subscribe
So bored at work now, so I decided to blog. I am officially 12 weeks pregnant now and I can announce to whole world about it!! keke. It's such a weird feeling that you will be someone's mother in 6 mths' time, and that will last for a whole lifetime!

So looking forward to my next gynae check up, want to see how my little one is coping inside my tummy.

Suddenly your life starts filling up with child care handbooks, shopping for a right pram, deciding when and where to get helpers etc etc. Though it's a little over-whelming, somehow it seemed to fall into the right places.

I am having those emotional mood swings, upset over the slightest issue. My colleague was relenting about how she went into a huge fight with her hubby because of an apple pie. haha.. hilarious as it sounds, it doesn't seemed that funny when you are in it. You also suddenly age like 30 years old, u feel lethargic all the time, became forgetful adn the only good thing that is working well are probably your ears and appetite.

I eat heartily from pizza to wanton mee to laksa and char kway tiao, everything's yummy. Love frizzy drinks which I don't drink in the past, love potato as well and bread.

This morning I caught one of those dizzy spell and almost fainted in the MRT, I quickly alight at Orchard MRT and sat on the bench for like 15 mins! Broke out in cold sweat and my face was turning pale. Hopefully it doesn't happen again as i might just collapse and hurt my little one.

Looking forward for my bundle of joy!

Mood: angelic
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