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Photo Time! - Jun 11th, 2008 5:45:55 am - Subscribe
my wedding and honeymoon pics.

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Complaints - Jun 11th, 2008 5:42:27 am - Subscribe
wad a day?!?!
I hate my job and I hate to be here everyday, anytime that I can avoid coming, I'll try. SIGH. I don't know what I like anymore, sometimes it seemed more like being comfortable at this level and not willing to give up for all that I have worked for.

Unfortunately I am one of those unlucky ones who hate what they do for a living. Some people don't mind their jobs, some even love it. But sadly I hated mine, and I have to jiggle it alone. I am so tired sometimes, mentally drained. And I have became so absent-minded, I always forget things.

Everyday's a drag.
Only the part which I spend time with my students are truly enjoyable, brought me back to where I used to be, and what I used to like.

Do you have a goal in life? Are goals achiveable or are they far-fetched?

I don't really seemed to care anymore. And one day I will leave this place. I will miss it but I will also be truly happy.

I have been so depressed these days because of my job, I just want to stay home everyday and not go to work. HELP!! Maybe I desperately needed some holiday..short getaway to some beach resort...maybe even GENTING!!!!

People around me are all pregnant!?!??! GOsh. So many, it's like a fashion statement. Come in all different sizes, big and small. I am not sure whether I want to be pregnant or not, I want to be ready. But I don't think anyone will ever be ready for such things. Such a huge committment, of course I will like to have a baby eventually. Well, I'll leave it to God, if he feels that I am ready then so be it! I missed my period for 2 weeks, and I was so worried that I am pregnant! And then it came, surprisely I was rather disappointed but was also relieved. I guess then, I am not ready.?

Another day ended at work, and I felt lethargic.

Went to Lawry's for steak the other day, very nice ambience and excellent steak! yummy. Wanted to order wine but thought we may burnt a big hole in our pockets. hehehe...rather, my hubby's pocket. But I think the price worth it for the wonderful meal that came.

Finally bought a MIU MIU bag during the recent GSS!!!! A lot of wonnderful bargains at great discounts!!! Saw one Burberry bag at 50% off..OMG! it's so pretty. *control*

When will I be a rich tai tai??

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The BDAY episode - Mar 24th, 2008 3:26:42 am - Subscribe
I just wanted to blog about my bday which happened just last week, that I was truly touched and moved by people who spend their precious time with me.

I had 3 cakes, 2 gifts and one hell of a beautiful lilies' bouquet, and I wanted to upload the pics. But too bad, it was all taken with my camera phone, and I haven't had a chance to install the driver so thus, no pics for now.

My students are so kind and lovely, and I am so happy that they took the efforts to celebrate my 29th bday.

Felt really warm and fuzzy within. happy.gif
BEAR HUG for all who came and blew the candles with me!

Still contemplating on what I want for my bday, didn't want others to spend unnecessarily for me. So I will like to buy things that I really need. *scratch head*

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Vday in Paris! - Mar 12th, 2008 2:16:02 am - Subscribe
How romantic is that?! We had champagne from Italy and chocolates from Switzerland! And celebrate in our Posh hotel in Paris, so cooooool...!

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I am BACK! :) - Jan 14th, 2008 5:51:29 am - Subscribe
Well, I am back!
It's been the longest time, since I last wrote. Let me shee 4th JAN 06 till now...will be like 1 year and 10 days...thought my account wouldn't even work lo. hehe..luckily I still remembered my login.

Anyway, how's life?
Reading my past blogs brought back a lot of good memories, and I thought I should continue to write all the happy things that happened in my life. happy.gif

For one, I am officially Mrs. HU now. You'll asked, "HU? WHO?"...that's right! HU!!! keke, I always make fun of his surname..I think we chinese has the weirdest surnames ever, next to us are the Germans.

I am going to Europe for my honeymoon, so excited!!!! Going to many places that I have always wanted to go, everyday I see those beautiful sights on Discovery Travel & Living. And it just makes me feel even more desperate now, to fly there and enjoy the scenic views. I am going to have problems with the weather though, I can't stand cold at all and being at negative 10 degrees there doesn't seem to help at all. *cross fingers* me and my beloved have been scrimping and saving now, he'll sponsor all meals so I'll just pay for my own shopping. Not like I am going to do any, it's so freaky expensive! Think I'll just get a fridge magnet.

Still stuck in the same old working place, been here almost 5 years now...bloody long, too long to remember. I wonder how am I going to survive for another decade! Can someone help me!!!! sad.gif

My nephew's almost 2 years old now, but he's still as cute and he's calling me "AH YI" now..keke...SOOOOOO CUTEEEEEE, can? Upload his latest pics soon. My cousin has recently gave birth too...CONGRATS!!! and one of my colleague has also gotten pregnant, after trying for many years! So happy for her. Children...they are everyone's joy, isn't it?

I'll be having my house-warming on the last sat in JAN, FINALLLLLLY!! So far I have been enjoying my time at home, don't feel like going anywhere else.

Caught the recent movie "Body #19", it's a thai horror flick, the way I like it...twists in the plot and many handsome chicks and hunks for me to ogle on.

Oh well, dat's for the recent updates. Take care all. cheers to 2008!

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