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If you wish to have your say on any topic relevant to Radio Lutterworth or the community it serves, this space can be used as your soapbox.

E-mail the webmaster ( with your copy.

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Where will 2010 take us....

Date: Jan 26th, 2010 9:23:40 am - Subscribe
Mood: undaunted

The situation for Radio Lutterworth since 2008 has been challenging, but possibly there is now light at the end of the tunnel.

At present there is a strong likelihood that a fully licensed internet radio service will be started over the next few months from which it is hoped that things can develop in a positive way.

Radio Lutterworth is looking at what possibilities there are to create a sustained presence in the area over the next five years. That should provide sufficient time and opportunity to assess whether or not a community radio station is a viable proposition or just the wish of an enthusiastic minority.

The purpose of this “blog” page will be to bring informed comment about local issues or items that are related to radio or media. This will be through both original content and by reference to articles held online elsewhere for example.

The following link is to an article/commentary that appeared in the Independent on January 21st.
It caught my eye because it deals with the contentious nature of digital file sharing (music) but also because the writer is the producer of “Whittle, The Jet Pioneer” a film about Sir Frank Whittle.

Nicholas Jones: Sharing files is an essential part of the digital revolution
Thursday, 21 January 2010

I wonder who the music and film industries' target really is.
As the Digital Economy Bill ploughs through Parliament, its most eye-catching proposal – to disconnect illegal file-sharers from the internet – seems highly unpopular elsewhere. Almost 32,000 people have now petitioned the No 10 website urging abolition of this proposal. Perhaps in a similar spirit, a Teesside jury last week acquitted a man who ran a very lucrative website facilitating illegal file-sharing.

(Copyright 2009 Independent News and Media Limited : permission has been obtained to link to this content)

OFCOM update

We have been asked what the situation is currently regarding obtaining a five year full time community radio licence for Lutterworth.

The following extract has been reproduced from the Ofcom website.

The Licensing Process

Ofcom indicated that a decision would be made towards the end of 2009 regarding whether we would conduct a third round of community radio licensing, and if so, how and when to do this. As the Region 8 (Greater London and other areas within the M25) application round was delayed to November 2009 we are now processing 33 applications for this round. Therefore we are not yet in a position to announce our decision on whether to conduct a third round of licensing. We hope to announce a decision on this issue in 2010. Potential applicants should note, however, that there is a lack of suitable FM frequencies in many parts of the UK, notably in and around major conurbations.

For more details please visit

Needless to say, a robust business proposition has already been outlined for Radio Lutterworth and will be updated when a future licensing “window” appears.
However, a full time licence is not seen by the present management as the “be all and end all”. There is a desire to develop more community and charitable activities than merely obtain a licence so that a few select individuals can be radio presenters!!
In the meantime, more short term broadcasts will be planned and undertaken as funding allows.

If you wish to contribute to the Radio Lutterworth “blog” in future, please contact the Web Master via email for more information.

Radio Lutterworth - by the Community, for the Community

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Let's get the business started....

Date: Nov 18th, 2008 2:19:15 pm - Subscribe
Mood: placid

Radio Lutterworth

- What does it stand for?
- How did it get here?
- What needs to be done?

Finally it appears that these questions could well be answered in the coming months.
That is not implied criticism, it is a reflection that often in life actions are shaped by circumstances around us and it takes a lot to be able to wrest back the initiative and command one's destiny.
As of now the opportunity is there to do that.

Brave decisions can be made which will allow events of the past to be used as a lesson for the future.

Join us and we can achieve the goals we aspire to.

Radio Lutterworth - by the Community, for the Community

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