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Rugby's Beth Tysall releases new album

Date: May 24th, 2010 10:28:37 am - Subscribe
Mood: ready

By J Appleby

Twenty-two year old Beth Tysall is a bright new singer/songwriter from Rugby. With over three octaves in her vocal range, Beth can belt out high and low notes with intricate acrobatics which have stunned and amazed her audiences.

Some of Beth’s crowning achievements include performing at the Royal Albert Hall and more recently releasing her second album, Ten Faced which was launched locally in Rugby.

When asked if most of her fan-base is still close to home, she replied, “I have found over the years that it is actually people who have seen me perform out of Rugby who are more excited about what I’m doing. The album launch show at the beginning of May showed this as I had people come from Yorkshire, Loughborough and the Wirrell, just to see the show.”

The album is a shining example of the versatility of this up and coming artist. Unlike other mainstream artists, Beth brings an element of beautifully executed variety and class, drawing a broad spectrum of admirers. A combination of pop, rock and ballads, Beth Tysall is truly the new, advanced full package.

“I have found that when you try to offer anything to the world of pop, music becomes clichéd and uninspiring just to make money. For me, it is about offering music lovers something more enriching and genuinely lovingly crafted by its creator.”, said Beth.

Beth’s career has been noted for having a foundation in her faith in God and the single from the new album, I’m Still Here, certainly has an uplifting and inspirational message.

“My music is written from whatever is going on in my life at the time. I think it helps if the music can be understood or related to by mainstream listeners because it makes them feel part of what you are doing.”

Talking about what the future holds for her, she said, “The future holds a wide variety of creative projects. I am writing and recording more music, performing at festivals, working with local bands and singers, and on top of this my debut novel will also be coming out later in the year!”

The future is bright so it seems. I’m Still Here is available digitally through itunes, Spotify, Amazon and Napster.

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