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If you wish to have your say on any topic relevant to Radio Lutterworth or the community it serves, this space can be used as your soapbox.

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Spring 2010

Date: Apr 30th, 2010 9:37:03 am - Subscribe
Mood: controlled

Similar to many other voluntary organisations, there is a lot of work that goes unseen and unsung - to those of you who continue to support Radio Lutterworth, WE SALUTE YOU!!

Progress IS being made, and there ARE planned developments which may shortly come to fruition.
The current view is that sustainability comes from making sure that any promises made can be met.

So what does that mean?
There is a plan that stretches from 2010 to 2015.
Depending on the level of success/support achieved in 2010 much of the content/target delivery could be foreshortened (circa 2012).

A promise that CAN be made is this - if the Lutterworth and Broughton Astley communities (together with a further estimated 25 to 30 rural villages in catchment) WANT to have a Community Radio resource, it WILL happen!

It needs more than just enthusiastic radio presenter "hobbyists" however.

Without proper administration and funding (and the people who understand what this means) further development and growth will be stunted.

Currently, too much falls upon too few - it is hoped that this will be changing in the next few months.

A number of meetings/negotiations have been/will be taking place to see what support may be available from Community and Lottery Funding.

Further discussions have been ongoing regarding how a new permanent "base" can be secured (maybe in more that one centre across our proposed coverage area).
This continues to be a challenge which is fundamental to being able to move forward with stability - many other Community Radio stations will have experienced similar dilemmas to ours in this regard.

Other News
If we are very lucky, the next "Blog" update will come from a new recruit who is a regular writer and music reviewer around our area.
If this all comes off as planned, this should be helpful to both music fans and aspiring musicians.

In addition to the writing is a background of many years radio experiance in the U.S. which could prove invaluable to Radio Lutterworth longer term too.

Another case of "Watch this Space" but there is a quiet confidence that an official announcement can be made soon.

Programming for the Online Radio Service
There is the chance for locally produced programmes to be incorporated into the schedule.
Nothing has been ruled out at this stage, especially as local quirkiness is seen as advantage in bringing through fresh ideas.
All we ask is that it can be pre-recorded on a regular and reliable basis.
Whether it is 15 minutes or 4 hours you wanted to produce, if you live or work within our catchment area your contribution would be valued.

Please get in touch if there is something you wish to share (if you need assistance with recordeing we would be happy to help).

So far some ideas that have been "brainstormed" include - spiritual thoughts, country music, comedy shows, bird watching tips, sports reports,
village news, a what's on guide, gaming reviews, racing tips.

This is not an exclusive list, so if you have a hobby or interest worth sharing with others, please get in contact by 1st September 2010 with some brief details.

The Radio Lutterworth Foundation (Charitable Trust)
In 2011, Radio Lutterworth will be seeking trustees to administer the distribution of funds held within the Foundation.

The Foundation will look to support local groups based in and possibly around our catchment area.
(We can already carry free event notification and advertising on the website for local groups and charities - please just get in touch for more information on how this works).

Don't forget to look out for Radio Lutterworth vacancies that will be placed on the Radio Lutterworth website prior to any other outlet.
Although not yet advertised, we are particularly keen to see local reporters from the villages who can keep us updated with the "goings on" in rural parts.

Thank you for your support

Radio Lutterworth - by the Community, for the Community

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