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Friends Aug 17th, 2005 8:42:34 pm - Subscribe
Mood | chillin

The weirder my friends get the more I guess we alienate the "human race".

So what are you going to do? Put everyone you hate on another planet so you can pretend that differences don't exist.

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Now I know why...huff Aug 16th, 2005 11:05:39 pm - Subscribe
Mood | forlorn

... you want to hate me.

Would it be time for going public with an obscure interest just so the morons of the mob can try to paddywhack you from involving yourself in something innocent yet fascinating and "weird" to the opinion of the masses.

Slow down a bit, that's what I've been thinking and I might tweak my interests to be purely scientific (outside of love, of course).

Duh, I'm practicing chemisry, do you have a problem with it? Concern yourself with your own life...sheesh.

Missing HF is well, actually there's not much I can do about it. His beeootch says I bring out the worst in people for some odd reason.

So, put me in Antartica so I won't contaminate the innocent.

Good grief.

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Ok Cupid-Test Aug 15th, 2005 1:36:05 pm - Subscribe
Mood | smooth

More Scientific

You have:

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Your Scientific Intuition score tells you how in tune you are with the world around you; how well you understand your physical and intellectual environment. People with high scores here are apt to succeed in business and, of course, the sciences.

My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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Link: The 2-Variable Intuition Test written by jason_bateman on Ok Cupid

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Why Therapy Sometimes SUCKS! Aug 9th, 2005 6:01:21 pm - Subscribe
Mood | Pissy

Therapy. Heh. I have a HUGE bone to pick with the subject especially regarding the 'poor'.

Supposedly you should be able to find a therapist who is "a good fit" for you...but that's only if you're NOT financially challenged.

If you don't have the money you have to take WHATERVER you can get, shut-up, and be happy with it.

What if the therapist pisses the client off? What if the therapist and the client's core belief systems are so contrary that the client has no desire sitting and wasting time in some ugly office trying to discuss personal issues with someone they hate?!

Does it make sense?

Hell no! Get this: And they wonder why sooooo many people drop out of therapy prematurely.

The 'poor', who might even need help the most, are dealt more cards of shit.

My friends, why bother?

Here's to my fun loving governmental friends out there: You can kill yourselves now because you are already DEAD in my MIND.

Take your therapy and stick it up your ass!

You know, I was right all along really and now all I need to do is figure out who it is I want to really talk to first.

Criminals. That's what they are, emotional blackmailers.

We'll see how long that's going to last in this country. Because let me tell you somewhere SOMEONE does give a damn.

Need I write anything more? How clear does the picture have to be before you get the message?

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My next crAzE Aug 7th, 2005 3:57:22 pm - Subscribe
Mood | witchy

You know like the mesmerists of the 1800's and such, I'm going to look for an evil, satanic (and I do mean 'satanic') Doctor Mesmer. Do you think one exists?

I'll bet you one does, somewhere, but I'm sure it's not like he would advertise or something.

What do you think could happen if you were put into a trance-like state by a black magician? Wouldn't that be fun? I think it might be fun, after all if it doesn't really work I would only be faking anyway and what harm is there in that?

Well maybe for some add-in for a Halloween ding special event and no one could take it too seriously.

Does anyone out there have friends who seem to get pissed off at you if they find your blog and they don't like what you write?

I hear that happens to some people and their friends will *disown* them (more or less) if they don't delete the bloggie.

Some people say that no one reads the blogs anymore and quote, "Blogs are dead."

If it's true what's teh big deal my buddies, lovers, and pets out there surfing the Information Superhighway?

I tell you there is no difference it's only a blog anyone can type one up. Sometimes it's a bloody idea, an emotion, a technicality, or a note on the day.

It could be your neighbor or it could be someone in Madagascar and everybody should be chilling. Right?

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Here\'s To You Aug 1st, 2005 10:22:03 am - Subscribe
Mood | pissy

Knee-jerk reactionary.

You know who you are and why I'm not associating with you any longer.

I don't need your lies and mythologies pounded into me to alter my core.

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Forsaking The Band Jul 31st, 2005 2:34:34 am - Subscribe
Mood | you make me sick

I think I will stop listening to that band now. I'm sick of them, besides ever since I've been zoning out on their tunes things seem to be going wrong. I'm not *blaming* the music but strangely my joints never had a pain in the world. I'm probably just tired but still I think their music is just not a good influence on my mood.

*If you use the work FUCK they attempt to label you as illiterate.*

They want to try and discredit your every word and conviction.

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peachy moi Jul 28th, 2005 1:34:07 am - Subscribe
Mood | lame duck

Creative inspiration, what we all would like to know and have access to, well if we are writers, artists, and such.

I have often discovered that there are moments when I have other people that I would love to blog (or write) about. The thing is usually they feel somewhat shy about the entire process.

And of course what is more important the content I desire to write or the feelings and wishes of those whom I love?

It comes down to this: Your fist in my face expressing your ideals on the subject matter.

Sort of an F_U and a CU_l8tr.

So decisions are formed to retain relationships.

That's fine with me because I'm not inhabiting the planet Earth on my lonesome. Either you care or you do not and there is usually nothing more to debate.

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dedicated Jul 22nd, 2005 9:15:44 pm - Subscribe
Mood | kinky



This is just a brief note explaining my dilemma so I remember to figure out what I want to do.

Don't you hate it when it always seems like you are looking for a *certain* someone and no matter where you search you can never find them?

That frustrates the hell out of me.

"Hey dude! Come on man I'm waiting for a card or letter!"

The no contact crap-ola is driving me nuts. I have no idea how long he expects me to live up to it.

This is just a day (and night) when I simply just cannot stand it.

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The sex blog is dead. Jul 19th, 2005 12:17:10 pm - Subscribe
Mood | delirious

(ha,ha,ha don't worry this isn't x-rated)

Last night while swimming with some friends two of them were holding me down underwater until they thought I was dead. Of course I was not I was only faking and I screamed really loudly in their faces when I came back up.

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Imagine That... Jul 15th, 2005 2:30:56 pm - Subscribe
Mood | dead

Are thee gods wanting some sort of sacrificial bloodletting? The seeker wants to know why it is important.

Let me see, so it's noted that I should ramble on endlessly about nothing trying to hide myself as I reveal myself simultaneously?

Very strange I'm caught on a dead end street really I wish Sims would just call and tell me why and what, he forgets I cannot speak French.

I'm not afraid of such demands but often I prefer to understand why or what it is that the big cheese is attempting to see or discover.

...Lost at sea once again.

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Another Day Gone Jul 10th, 2005 9:48:14 pm - Subscribe
Mood | ducky

You could just tell me anytime you want to.

I've been trying to look for a utility on the web as a precautionary action against total hd destruction.

For the time being mostly, my sister's birthday is coming up, I also want to think of what to get her.

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