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raeleigh Stymmied Beginnings... - Subscribe
YAY hopefully this will prove more fruitful than my attempts last night 'elsewhere'...

Date & Time: 25Jun2010 17:52

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Trying to be “smart” and journaling in a mix of several languages (well, three), then losing it all to a stupid computer/internet/website error is plain frustrating. Had to try 4 times to get something coherent up; lost my wonderful first post to an Error 500 or something like that. >.<* Made me *grumble, grumble* a few times, along with my stomach.

Need code for certain things that dBc doesn’t adequately cover. Like f**k, or cbf, *sigh*, *grumble*, etc. I mean, I can think of some non-numerical codes, like: !>.<* (I think I need a shortcut for that one… like F*!, cbf (that one sorta sums it up nicely), *f- (which can later AutoCorrect itself into フーッ) and *grr.

See, I think the problem with dBc, at least for me, is that it’s based one numbers and something like programmer logic, almost. I mean, he refers to human thought and language as a ‘self-organising system’, which to my unlearned mind just makes us sound like slightly more advanced information processors, or computers. Which is pretty much what the human mind is, but that’s not my point. My point is that I don’t really have programmer logic; I function in a different way, or at least I feel that way. Well, not on the neurons-synapses-essential-biochemical-brain-function level, but I mean just the way I conceive things in the world in and around me doesn’t feel adequately surmised by numbers and forward-slashes. I think in… colours, shapes, pictures, facial expressions, associations with experiences… basically in ‘feelings’. I read ‘anger’, I can almost see the word being angry at someone/thing- it furrows its brows between ‘n’ and ‘g’; it growls slightly at the ‘ger’; even the ‘ang’ is a little sharp in tone. It makes me want to clench my fist, clench my stomach, my teeth, furrow my brows, yell at somebody/thing.

Break. Resumed: 20:36

Anyhow, I’m not saying that dBc can’t become aan effective means of communication- it just lacks some of the sophistry and descriptive ability of a full language. Not that the English language (or any language, really) can fully encapsulate the wide array of emotions, colours and sensations of this world. Not just the physical, visible world, but also the other sensory worlds, and the worlds within our minds. I mean, how do you describe a dream coherently, especially one where there is so much taken for granted? How do you get across all of the emotions, the sensations, the time warps… How does a person describe a hallucination, a kaleidoscope of colours, a perfect sunset (or sunrise)? How does one describe art, or dance, or music in a way that encompasses the texture, the visuals, the feelings it invokes… all together? Without wasting space or breath or time, etc. I mean, how can you describe the ‘warm Coke feeling’ without sounding stupid and perhaps vaguely obscene?
フーッThere it is again- the words with the sensations attached. How do you explain that? And really, how can you get that with a bunch of numbers? (Okay please don’t kill me maths-lovers out there. I’m sorry I just have a thing against maths…) Well actually, numbers do have… ‘emotions’ attached to them for me, at least for some numbers. Take #4, for example, which means ‘death’ in Chinese and has managed to ingrain itself into my brain as a ‘bad’ number. #11 is also bad. Yet #24 is good; so is #121 because it has #21 in it. #3 is good, #13 is OK, but #31 is the best. #1 by itself is OK; #2 is so-so. #5, #7, #8… all pretty good numbers. I could go on forever with each number, telling you how good or bad they feel, but that would just be 0094 (lol aren’t I being terribly hypocritical? =P).

Anyhow, it’s time for fruit (the ‘healthy dessert’) and then I’m just going to tune out and watch TV. So ttyls for now (yes I know that makes no sense) and I’ll be back before you know it.


Raeleigh out>>

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raeleigh Now for today's entry... Jun 25th, 2010 11:00:47 pm - Subscribe
Date & Time: 26jun2010, 13:50

Well, now that I know this site isn't going to crash and burn when I try to post anything substantial, i can get on to sharing my dose of rambles for today.

So. I always wondered what the allure was of blogging. I think now maybe I've 分かってきた。LOL.


Allow me to introduce myself, as I seem to have neglected the formality in my previous entry. ...Although that could very well be because I had been writing for myself, even though I had been speaking in a manner that suggests I was considering an invisible, and most likely non-existent, audience.

I am Raeleigh. Bravo, bravo to those who can read and thus read the header which states that this is raeleigh's blog. I am Rachel-Leigh, which perhaps connects better in your minds as being a proper name. I am 18, though that will change in approximately 2+1/2 months. I have a family, with whom I reside with, and which consists of two parents and one sibling. Maybe I will talk about them some other time. But for now, this is my blog, about me.


レイリ is what they'd call me in Japanese. Homonymous with 怜悧, which means, essentially, intelligent/wise/quick-witted.
ククッ。。。>w 「賢い」っていう意味だね。似合いそう?0.0
ははは XD

Yes. Whatever. Anyway, nothing much in terms of advancement... finished reading a book about the www. evolving and gaining a consciousness, then intelligence at over twice the human ability... played around with the talk-to-text software I've got... confused the hell out of my little ワンちゃん by playing her name over the speakers in an 'American English Jennifer' voice, had lunch, and now I'm here........ 00194ing (if I've gotten that right)

Well, I think I'm supposed to go out soon with my dad, so I guess I'll just get off.

Again no playing with HTML. Not much in the way of dBc either, hey?


Raeleigh out>>
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raeleigh To my bossies: 01/11. LOL as if they'd listen! Jun 27th, 2010 3:07:42 am - Subscribe
Yessums, tis I, the super awesomeness Raeleigh, tyvm. Back from a day at work, and all I can say is フーッ.

Reading, reading, reading, reading… reading books is good, but not when you’ve got a headache. Can’t wait until we can go rent some movies to make up for the totally crap TV that I really can’t stand to watch… Only thing worth watching on Sundays atm is the FIFA world cup.

フーッ疲れちゃった。。。もう、働きたくないわ!I wanna go back to the other shop, where I actually know people, and they’re nice, and it’s not so !>.<*ing cramped…

フーッ… that’s all I can do right now? Sigh and complain? Gosh I’m in a terribly selfish mood. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

No. Must reach out into depths of supercalafragilisticespialidociousness (wow I’d laugh if I actually spelt that right) and pull out a great big SMILE and a tonne of SUPERNESS so that I can spread it through the populous like terrific jam. You can tell when I’m a little beat when I start making less sense than usual. Of course, considering I’m talking to an audience that doesn’t exist, that might be a tad difficult to discern.


Haha which reminds me of an episode of How I Met Your Mother that I saw, where ted tries using ‘lol’ in his texts, but very obviously doesn’t know what it means (I mean, come on, =( + LOL does not equal logical… in a rational context, of course).

Anyhow… not much to add, except that my counsellor would be proud of me, keeping a journal, if I actually saw him any more. Sometimes, I start to feel the tiniest tinges of guilt for skipping out on him after just three sessions (though three very ‘productive’ and ‘promising’ sessions, nota bene). Then I realise that I could’ve kept going and probably would’ve hit a dead end, which means I was doing well to use that hour-a-week of my life to study instead. I’m a pretty hopeless cause, I think, though at the time I was in a slightly different mindset.

01/4, people, 01/4. Which, of course, is even more irrational than what I’ve previously said because my audience DOESN”T EXIST.

!>.<* I’m tired. =.=

I should just go to sleep and not wake up until yesterday comes again.




Raeleigh out>>
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raeleigh Aliiiiiive Jun 29th, 2010 7:37:12 pm - Subscribe
*gasp*! Shock, horror, Raeleigh has not posted in TWO WHOLE DAYS!!!

What has she been doing? Has she been sick? That would be a nice, neat, simple answer. Like if she had just been working her arse off for two days and was too crashed to bother writing anything. But what if it's something more sinister? What if I, Raeleigh, had been subject to some horrorible atrocity? What I'd been in a horrible accident and was rushed to hospital with only the most tenuous holds on life? What if I'd been kidnapped, and held ransom against my family (well, parents) or my extraordinarily rich boyfriend (or girlfriend- you never know *wink*). What if... *shocked gasp*... I had been murdered???


Well, the truth is, Raeleigh has been at home for two days, reading almost non-stop. Well, with brief interruptions for necessities such as food, water, bathroom, sleep, occasional TV, occasional socialisation with other humans and canine-kind, and... well, okay, so not non-stop. BUT you get the idea. She has not been off saving the world (or saving herself) but indulging in filling her mind with fantasy worlds and things that may or may never happen. That just about covers all the bases though, doesn't it?

To all you Twi-hards out there, get off the bandwagon. Twilight was so much better before you all jumped on and turned it into the next Harry Potter. I should know- I was one of the few who had appreciated it well before it became the international air-headed-teenage infatuation that it is now. Now I'm over it, thanks to you guys. So thank you. At least I have the whole series PLUS her other book which, by the way, is in my opinion WAY better written than some of the crap she started shitting out of her forehead in the middle of the so-called 'Twilight saga'.

Okay, calm. Breathe. Deep breaths.

What is wrong with you, raeleigh???

Okay, since I've managed to spurt out random nonsense without even meaning to, I think it's an indication that now is a good time to leave.

Sorry to all those twi-hards I just offended.


Actually, I take that back. Anyone who can label themselves as a 'twi-hard' with pride deserves a good tongue-lashing.

Okay, I'm going to go now.

Raeleigh out>>
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