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I'm used to being in control.

My friend and I are pretty good when it comes to what she calls, "mind-fucking" people. (Mind you, we only do this to a precious few) We both love gaining the upper hand. So yes, there is control.

My other friend and I love psychoanalyzing and people-watching as well. We learn a whole lot about them and of ourselves.

But lately, I've been losing control because someone seems to enjoy mind-fucking me now. Completely harmless...or so it seems.

Heh. I was told that life is made more fun by playing games. And that it is the weird things (or the wierd ones) that make this life worthwhile.

True, true. So I've resigned to play along and quit being too serious about things. I was told to just sit back and hang on for the ride.

I'm afraid of getting too caught up in it though...
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