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goodbye... :(

May 1st, 2009 1:46:28 pm - Subscribe

i know it's been over a year since i last wrote. so it would seem i am already gone..and in lots of ways i am. i really enjoy looking back on my entries of who i used to be from time to time...and other times, my own writing and pain disgusts me. it's strange...yet feels so normal. i've moved on in so many ways so even though i love this place for giving me a secret place to voice all my thoughts, my pain, and my secrets...i think i may be ready to start writing again. for the sake of people i know reading what i write. a place where my picture shows up as well as my first name and they know exactly who is writing that entry. for me, that place cannot be this place. this place holds my many secrets from my past...and through this place i met many ppl, who most me have moved on. so i am moving on and getting a new blog finally, one i will share with others...but this one will always hold my past, my anger, my hurt, and my pain...i will forever miss this place...but i will be back, time and time look back on my past and who i used to be. thank you for being there in a time of my life when i needed it...and for saving this part of who i used to be...i look forward for the first time in my life, to what the future may bring for me.. happy.gif
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