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Damn you Emoblog...
Date: Oct 20th, 2004 3:51:29 pm - Subscribe
Mood: pretty ok
Quote of the Day: \"Her entertainment goes on forever, it\'s probably how she gets to school.\" -Dave

And your screwed up comment system. I might just have to switch to a different journal thing. You know if I ever get less lazy, which is doubtful.

Anywho today was my oh so favorite day of the week, Wednesday. Ugh....but Dave finally gave me the CD, thank the almighty powers that be. Since it's a burn of a burn though, it only works up to track 19 after that it gets really fuzzy, but you can make out the words well enough. On my CD player it only works til track 13. That really sucks 'cause that means I have to listen to it either on my computer or on my stereo which really doesn't work when even if I turn it down everyone in the house can hear. So yeah....Oh, we get to watch Forrest Gump in Sociology, so that's pretty neato. And a bit of a side note: Colonel Sander can go die. That is all.

EDIT: I lied, it only goes to number 13 on my stereo without getting all fuzzy so I'm probably gonna end up just buying the real version because all the blank CDs I use suck monkey ass.
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Date: Oct 19th, 2004 7:40:02 pm - Subscribe
Mood: bleh
Quote of the Day: \"Lauren: That\'s what they all say \'It was an accident.\' Bree: Like when they say \'yeah, I acidentally killed that guy\'.\"

Tuesday, it was boring as fucking hell. Nothing happened, no one died or nothin'. Nothing fun ever happens at West Genny. So, um...Danielle wasn't in school so I did the trig in class assignment with Cameron and someday this week I'm finally gonna get the Spire demo because he got around to making more copies. Dave forgot the Avenue Q CD again and I was about this close to killing him. Tomorrow I'm thinking of etching it into his forehead unless he brings it, which he won't, so there's that.

Hmmm.....not too much else going on, just another boring entry about basically nothing. WooHoo!
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I figured something out..
Date: Oct 18th, 2004 4:51:07 pm - Subscribe
Mood: conflicted
Quote of the Day: \"Danielle: Damn, I have to go explore the world. Me: Have fun with that.\"

Today I was thinking, 'cause yah know it's a hobby of mine, while i was at Steve's. He was playing Madden and kicking the crap out of the Vikings (YAY! They are evil) and I was sitting around playing with his wooden katana, screwing around and being a Black Sword Ninja (don't ask). Anywho I was thinking about all those quizzes I do in this thing and there was one question from one of 'em that made me think. It was something along the lines of "Do you put a front up with people?" or about that. I answered no, but once I got around to contemplating it, I figured out I am a huge ass liar. I put up a front everyday. Most of my friends see me as a sarcastic, cold-hearted, angry, violent, well to put it in a word, bitch. Only two people see my real personality, Steve and my Mom. Aroud them I'm a lot more light-hearted, and goofy. Just today I was screwing around with Steve's guitar (his horribly out of tune guitar that is missing a string) and I was singing some stupid song I made up about how much my brother sucks and he should go die. Honestly aside from the Jeporardy theme song, no one has really heard me sing anything longer than two or three words. But today I was going on for ten minutes or something like that, and he was cracking up the entire time.

It's odd, I mean in school we act like we hardly know each other, except for in passing. But once it's done we are best friends and we both become totally different people than we are in school. I don't know why I act different. Maybe it's like some sub-concious thing that I feel the need that I have to be who I've built up around these people for the last four years or so.

Anyone have an opinon on the matter?
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This or NASCAR
Date: Oct 16th, 2004 11:14:14 pm - Subscribe
Mood: eh
Quote of the Day: None, today was a slow day.

So, yup it's quiz time. YAY! You know you're excited.

What's your name?: Katie
How many years is it until you turn 100? Quizzes aren't supposed to make me do math, but uh 85 I think.
Okay, so that would make you how old? 15
What school do you go to? West Genny
What grade are you in? 10th
What letter/number does your street start with? D
Let’s talk about your house... Do you like your house? Sure
Are your parent(s) obsessive about how the yard looks? Not obsessive....but they have their moments.
Are your parent(s) obsessive about the interior decor? No.
Would you consider your self an idiot? uh no
Do you prefer Pepsi or Coke? Coke a hundred times over.
Do you buy holiday (referring to Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, etc.) presents for your friends? No.
What “December holiday(s)” do you celebrate (if none just put “none”)? Christmas.
Are you taking this test out of boredom or because you want to seem accomplished or neither? Boredom, definitely
Do you visit your grandparents at least once a week? Nope
Are you changing questions on this survey so it would appear that YOU made it? No.
Is/Was middle school (junior high) heck for you? Nope, not really.
This test might appear a bit nosey at times. You don’t mind, do you? Naw.
Have you ever been in a Christmas pageant? I'm never even heard of a Christmas pageant around here.
Do you know or are you one of the people that has been in a Christmas pageant and doesn’t even celebrate Christmas? See above.
Are you feeling a little cold? No, I don't get cold. I'm a freak like that.
What color is your hair? Dirty blond
Is that the natural color? Yep.
How many cds do you have? 30 or so.
So, what kind of music do you listen to? A lot of stuff except for rap and hip-hop.
What kind of music is your favorite? Punk rock and ska.
Do you find it disrespectful or bad to use the word “hate”? Uh, no.
Do you swear a lot? I swear all the fucking time.
Have you ever messed up your computer? Oh yeah.
Have you ever messed up someone else's computer? Yup.
List what do you like about yourself? My sense of humor and that's about it.
Now tell us what you don’t like about yourself? Everything else really.
Is your bedroom clean? Relatively

Part 2- School Things
List all of the social groups you’ve ever heard of: I dunno....
Do you think social groups are unfair? They don't matter.
What social group, if any, would you fall into? Big F'in Losers.
What’s your favorite subject at school? Social Studies (but Colonel Sanders is evil)
What school do you go to? Um...I already answered that before.
Do you buy a lunch at school? up, I'm too lazy to make my own.
What’s most disgusting thing you’ve ever had/seen for a school lunch? Name something and it's disgusting.
What’s the yummiest thing you’ve ever had/seen for a school lunch? Yummiest?
Are you failing any classes (to your knowledge)? Nope.
Do you wear uniforms? No.
Have you ever been in a fight at school KNOWING you’d get in trouble? Yeah.
Have any of your friends been in trouble for fighting? Yes.
Do you go to a catholic school? No.
Do you go to a school that is way too strict? In the grand scheme of things, no.
Have you insulted anyone to their face this year? Yep.
Has anyone insulted you to your face this year? Probably.
Do you take the bus or drive or walk/ride your bike home? Bus.
Do you take the bus or drive or walk/ride your bike to school? Bus.
Do you sit w/ your friends at lunch? No, I sit with people who aren't my friends.
How many stories is your school? Two.
Have you visited your diary from school before? Surprisingly the filter doesn't block it, so yeah.
Would you get/Have you gotten in trouble for accessing your diary at school? Probably, but I've never gotten caught.
Do you have a school ID? Yeah.
Must you have your ID with you at all times? No, not at all.
When you were a freshman, were you picked on by seniors (if not in high school, skip to next question)? No, they were afraid of me actually (the ones I met anyways)
Were you afraid of being picked on by seniors? No.
Scared of exams? Not in the least.
Are you absent a lot? I am absent maybe once a year, maybe....
Are you tardy a lot? No.
Do you enjoy going to school? sometimes
Would you like school more if you could sleep in later? Yeah.
Like the idea of night school? Nope.
Do you get in trouble for talking too much? No.
Have you ever been in trouble for something you didn’t really do? Yes.

Part 3- Clothes
Are u wearing shorts right now? No.
Do you have a primary color in your wardrobe and if so, what is it? Black.
Are you one of the people that actually says “Rocks my socks”? No, I hate that saying.
Which do you like: Sneakers or sandals? Sandals are evil.
Which do you like: Dresses or a shirt & pants or neither? Shirt and pants.
Which do you like: Target or Walmart? Never been to a Target so I'll say Wally World.
Do you discriminate against people that wear Abercrombie and Fitch because you think they are preps? No.
Do you have your favorite animal on any of your clothes? Uh, no.
Has anyone ever seen you wearing a certain outfit and called you a social group related name because of it? Yes.
Are you an original or do you follow what’s in style? A bit of both.
Do you pick your friends by the clothes they wear? No, that would be extremely shallow.
Would you ever not date someone because you didn’t like the kind of clothes they wore? See above.
Are you against the people that wear all black all the time? Look at my friends, there's yuor answer.
Is it fair that some people choose their friends by the clothes they wear? No.
Is wearing socks with sandals cute? No, and it never will be.
Have you ever thought someone was a member of a certain social group because of an outfit they wore? Yeah.
Do you have any clothes that have your starsign (Gemini, Capricorn, etc.) on them? Uh, no.
Have you ever worn the same shirt as someone you didn’t know on the same day that they wore theirs? Yeah.
Do you have numbers on your clothes? I don't think so....
Do you like sweaters? No!
If any, what band/singer clothes do you have? Uh...none.
Do you have too many shoes? I have one pair of shoes, so no.
Do either of your parents dress cool? No, but at least they know it.
Do you have cool clothes? Oh yeah, they are the absolute coolest....yo.
Are you ashamed of your pants size? Nope.
What size shirts do you wear? I'm pretty sure medium.
Do people often comment that you look like a slut? No.
Do you think Britney Spears needs to put some clothes on? Yes.
Do you think singers today dress like sluts? Some of 'em.
Are you stingy when it’s time to clean out your closet? Not really.

Part 4- Friends and Enemies
Do you have more friends than enemies? Probably not.
Has it always been that way? For the most part.
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Hahahahaha, oh that's funny Mr. Quiz. That would be a no for those of you who are impaired.
Do you have friends that are enemies with each other? Yes.
What do you look for in a friend? I dunno, stuff.
Have you ever been forced into friendship with someone? Kinda.
How many friends do you have? Quite a few.
How many friends do you have that try to be like you? None.
Do people think you are an overall cool person? Prolly not.
Do you have a crush on any of your friends and if so, do you think they know? I plead the fifth.
Do your friends hate your crush/boyfriend/girlfriend? No.
Have you ever said something bad about your friends behind their backs? Most likely, but I don't remember.
When it comes to friends, are most of them older than you or younger than you? Same age or older.
Do any of your friends’ parents hate you? Not that I know of.
Do you want a friend that will honestly tell you if something is wrong with the way you look or someone that will keep that to themselves? Honestly tell me.
Have any of your friends tried to steal your boyfriend? N/A
Do you try to be like your friends? No.
Would you ditch a friendship if you found out that the person had a sexual preference that wasn’t what you thought it was? No.
Have you ever had a crush? Yes.
Do you believe in best friends? Yeah.
Would you place your boyfriend/girlfriend/crush before your friends? Never.
How many friends do you have that one day suddenly stopped being your friend? Ten or fifteen.
Which one of your friends have you known the longest? Steve.
How long? Since I was two months old.
Do you have any enemies? Yep.
If yes, why? I dunno, they're just my enemies.
What are you going to do about it? Nothing.
Do you like this survey so far? It's keeping me from watching NASCAR.

True Or False:
You are in love. False.
You feel hated. False.
There is someone in your school that has commited a crime against you. False.
The next time you have a birthday will be in 2004. False.
Everyone hates you. False.
You have a favorite sports team. TRUE!
You love listening to music. True.
You love math. FALSE!
You can spell dog 10 times fast without messing up. True, I guess.
Good friends are hard to come by. True.
You love pizza. True.
You watch tv at least 5 hours a day. True.
Yo mama jokes are amusing to you. False.
You've had a dream where you killed your worst enemy. True.
Spiders scare you. False.
A dog once bit you. True.
You've never been to Florida. True.
You love to go on the computer. True.
Shopping is fun. False.
Cute dogs are fun. True.
You love to cook. False.
One of the things you dislike is being questioned. Depends.
Rainy days are cool. True.
What is your favorite thing to do on a Saturday? Sleep.
You like to play volleyball. False.
You like to play basketball. True.
You like to party. False-ish
How many days a week do you drink coke and pepsi? 3 or 4.
You like Vanilla Coke. True.
What makes you mad? that is a very long list.
Does rap music offend you? Not really, it's just annoying.
When you fight, what is the first thing you always do? Uh, fight.
Can you turn people's sentences around to make them seem nasty? Yeah, but I don't
Do have a lot of dreams? I guess.
Can you tell us how many cigarettes you've ever smoked? None.
What is your view on "cussing"? It's a fun little hobby.
What is the time where you are? 12:12
What is the longest you've ever slept w/o waking up? I have no clue.
What is the lowest quiz grade you've ever gotten? 0
What do you hear outside? Wind.
Name all of the ghetto swear words- Not ghetto, can't answer the question.
What are you watching on tv right now? Nothing.
Do you like to party? You already asked this.
What happens when you get really mad? I hit people and swear alot.
18cool.gif Do you have a spending problem? No.
189)What is the worst thing you've ever done? I don't know.
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