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razirazali starter - Subscribe
hi..alo there!! thanks a lot for u all who stop by and reading my very first blog entry.....

well i 'm not kind of person who like to type or write regarding about my life & how it goes..
in fact,for about 19 years i lived, there is no any interesting stories in my life to tell.

But,,,recently i'm begin to realised dat i have encounterd lots of experiences which actually turns out to change my life &slowly change my perspective towards my stories.....
so, since we are reaching towards the end of year 2007, why dun i listed some of stuff that i had gone through along dis year...
- JANUARY= begin my new semester in college. i become a senior now..haha... grin.gif no wait the exam result is coming...s##t my result sucks dude..i fail in math paper cry.gif (sory pn nila )
- FEB= my mom had warded to hospital..she diagnosed to have was very depressing moment.
MAR=dateline for my 1st draft working paper (we called it ee assignment)..please teacher! please extend my dateline....dun kill me!!!
MEI=my mama still in the hospital...i often skip my class to watch over her..turn out my academic performance begin to drop...i miss lot of lectures....well i managed to catch up....THANKS A LOT TO MY TEACHERS AND FRIENDS for supporting me

My fellow classmates

JULY= my 19th birthday..celebrated it casually .well..i'm grown up now...who needs baloon,candle cake and party..( sob2 but can at least give me some birthaday gift )
OGOS-SEP= fasting month ( ramadhan) my favourite session.All the muslim will perform puasa and enhancing good deeds..( terawikh prayer is my favorite during dis month ) (honestly, the foods sold for breaking fast were damn good) sorry my inner gluttony is revealed..hehe tounge.gif
finally raya yahhoo...duit raya2
OCT=my university placement interview..i had applied to otago newzealand,medic was hilarious to see the mat salleh guy,who interviewed me coughing endlessly bcoz of sore throat. " this country is pretty hot "- mr warwick.
too bad i dun get d offer..well i had expected it earlier...still i was frustrated about d result.

NOV= exam is coming..S##T i not
ready yet....i was in stress during dat day..i neglected my studies since my mom condition become i have many postponed assignment to be done....wish i could just doing local course instead of Ib course. Alhamdullillah my exam is not bad..
still my math doesn't improve much...(hope pn nila understand)

lesson dat i miss ( biology, not drawing class haha )

DEC= holiday darling,,,haha one month dude
i spend lot of times watch over mama at hospital...

well there u go .along this year i learned many things /responsibility/ despair/pain/rejected/isolated/...
well that's life dude...we have to go through fact, i still lucky since there are many people out there is more unfortunate.At least i have a story to be told towards my children
when i'm older...A story, where a man is still
appreciate its life despite many bitter things he encountered.

life is not as easy like a straight road u know
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razirazali SUM 41= OPERATION m.d. Dec 24th, 2007 10:05:05 am - Subscribe
HAAHAH..THIS CLIP IS DAMN FUNNY,,,I dun wanna spoil the fun..u guys should watch it urselves...

this clilp is played by new band called OPERATION M.D. organised by one of sum 41 member ( sum 41 rocks grin.gif ) stevo.

stevo sum41,sick guy

well, this band seem to appear as doctors,but they can cowe sum41 also is in this band too..( too bad deryck sum41 wasn't there)

sum 41
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razirazali happy new year 2008 Dec 24th, 2007 10:26:15 am - Subscribe
happy new year 2008..all da best for this upcoming year
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razirazali GREAT, ANOTHER HELL'A DAY!!! Dec 25th, 2007 9:12:23 am - Subscribe
ALO...thanks for stopping i juz spend whole of my time doing my assignment....well ,my brain seem wanted to burst both hand can't stand to type any words anymore.....

pieces of my assignment

i had expected to complete 60% of the work....too bad the outcome doesn't come very much...hhooh. sad.gif ( guess i juz in the holiday mood)
plus, i juz started to learn how to edit pics in's pretty cool to use it....but my artwork still not awesome enough..( wat can u expected from newbies).Wish i could get a good camera for my artwork.
aS a start, i juz using sony k750i.maybe i would buy high quality cam after
getting use to these ediiting stuff

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razirazali my resolution Dec 31st, 2007 5:49:07 am - Subscribe

my resolution 2008........just layan blues

happy new year peeps.. cool.gif
time passed by really quick oow... pejam celik, 2007 is already left us cry.gif do u already listed down ur resolution for dis upcoming year?? well, i'm not planning anything big for dis 2008...( since my 2007 resolution didn't work
quite well),i did not expect anything drastic for 2008......
heho.. some resolution dat i gonna work up in next year...
-work harder 4 my university placement
( gonna do something wit my math ) cry.gif
- finish all my postponed assignment. cry.gif
- u gonna be 20 dis year razi, gotta become more mature man now.
- be a good hamba ALLAH..insyallah

so i think dats it...simple but not sure enough i could make it especially first and second point sad.gif ... a nutshell i really will all work just fine for year 2008

and. .i. hope my mom will get well soon...
i really like to see her smile again

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