march of the dogs
Date: May 3rd, 2009 12:38:24 am - Subscribe
Mood: weary

I don't believe in the politics of chosen fools and hypocrites,
Who walk a line that's tread so fine.
Is it death or glory you have in mind ?

And here we go again it's mass delusion
And no one knows who leads the revolution now.
As tension grows the way to a conclusion.
It's too late there's no time.
All for none, none for one, two, three, four !

March of the dogs to beat of disillusion
The white flag is down, send in the clowns
The carnival of sins is now about to begin.

It may be I'm a pessimist
I'd say we need an exorcist
The root of all evil standing tall

And here we go again in desperation
And all we know is confusion and frustration now
As tension grows no vision of salvation
It's too late, there's no time.

And now the president's dead
Because they blew off his head
No more neck to be red
Guess to heaven he fled
Was it something he said
Or because of who's in his bed
By whom will we be led
From whose hand will we be fed.
All the lies by the lying liars who said
We'll be fine
It's OK

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