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rebecca07 Bethan's first Blog - Subscribe
I have come up with a brillent idea for people to find out how rebecca is and how she is growing also what she has been doing. I have set this up so only my friends and family can view it.
Today rebecca had a very long walk in the lovely sunsine in her buggy and enjoyed the ducks and rabbits that hurried to the burrow when we got near.
We then came home and had some milk and went to sleep.
Mood: zonked

rebecca07 Shopping In Reading 21st Oct, 2007 4:14:55 pm - Subscribe
Today I went shoping in reading with Grandma, Great Aunt Elain, Auntie Elspeth, Justin and mummy.
my great aunt brought me a lovely new out fit.
we had lunch in the chill restaurant next to the canal opersit the oracle shoping center which was really pritty.
I slept throught most of the shopping untill the end wen I got hungary and wanted food and a clean nappy so we all went for dinner in the chill restaurant where obviously I got mine first YUM YUM milk. but before that I got a clean nappy and clean bum. then I slept while the others had there food and woke up in time to go homand have a chatt to everyone before we drove home. I then feel asleep in the car home. woke up at home for a feed and got change into my sleepsuit an feel asleep in mummys arms. and was put to bed.
Mood: glamorous

rebecca07 The day with my Auntie 22nd Oct, 2007 12:57:06 pm - Subscribe
Today my mummy and I was looking after my Auntie Elspeth.
We got up and sorted out my cloths the ones that are to small and ones that are too big exstra.
We then had lunch and I was put in my buggy ant taken for a walk to the park and then the Doctors for my Mummys check up.
We then went to Asda for some food for my Mummy and Auntie for the week. when we got home i had a nice warm bottle and feel asleep on my Auntie.
Then we took Auntie Elspeth to her tramperlineing lesson for Grandma to pick her up at the end. We went home and settled down to watch Eastenders and then go to bed.
Mood: warm

rebecca07 yesterday 23.10.07 24th Oct, 2007 7:10:43 am - Subscribe
Today we had a lazy morning in bed. Then got up and mummy had breakfust lunch while i had a litttle sleep. we then started to get ready to go out in the evening. As i am going to daddy's and mummy is going to play hockey. Mummy then made her tea and extra bottles for me later. We then left at 6.00pm and muumy droped me off with Grandma and then picked me up on the way home from hockey she picked me up at 9.20pm ish. We can home and gt ready for bed.
Mood: sunny

rebecca07 Food Shopping. 24th Oct, 2007 4:59:47 pm - Subscribe
Today Mummy was very tired and we got out of bed at about 12pm. we got up and Mummy made herself som breakfust. When Justin got home we went food shopping for the rest of the week. came home and then went to Grandma's and spent some time there. Mummy had tea and then we went home. and got my Auntie ready for bed as well as me and then went to bed.
Mood: moodless