I don\'t want to see them like that
Date: Jan 22nd, 2005 12:22:52 am - Subscribe
Mood: burned-out

God, I just wish I could take on some of the stress in people to make sure they can come through each day. It hurts to see someone struggle and even tell me that themselves when they are one of the stronger (strongEST) ones out there. I wish I can help them fight off whatever they're struggling with. I wish I can make everything go the way they want it to. I wish I can take their place until every bit of that pain they endure goes away. I really wish.

So many times we've fallen apart, and so many times we've lost faith in ourselves... What's to come seems unclear to me, and unclear to so many people I know. How can I confidently say I'm not afraid? I am, and especially for those selected few whom I hate to see - lost, and trying to break free from bondage of doubt and sin.

Would You show us the way? Show us how blind and unaware of You we are.

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