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reluctant home for thanksgiving - Subscribe
I'm leaving tomorrow morning. This could be my last time flying home for Thanksgiving for a while. We decided that next year, we'll probably just stay home and do whatever. Whatever. That's like a year from now.

Everything's been great so far. I'm trying to get a decent amount of work in and so is Mark (in between golf and partying). Still not sure what is going to happen for either of us, but i don't mind waiting. If I never have to work again that would be fine with me.

Got some good news from Mike and an renewed vacation invitation. I'm going. Is that crazy?

My legs are sore.
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reluctant today Nov 20th, 2007 8:59:11 pm - Subscribe
Today was better than yesterday. I got up relatively early, ran, breakfast, shower, read the paper, oh my god. I am so boring. At the complex today there were a lot of people I didn't know. I saw Greg and Kara and that is about it.

I like to get home no later than 4.

Tonight since we are both leaving tomorrow we are just going to stay in.

Last Thanksgiving I had a few problems with Dracut... this year I am not calling him! I'm just going to take it easy and not try to do too much.

Mark had better behave himself in Florida...
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reluctant Home, this time of year. Nov 23rd, 2007 11:44:14 pm - Subscribe
I'm going home tomorrow. By home, I mean Arizona. My new home. When I say I went home for Thanksgiving, I mean 'home' where my family is. New England.

Over the summer, 'home' is either R. Beach or downtown. Downtown... that's just if I'm actually going to BE downtown, or I don't feel like driving HOME home. Or to hold up my end of a deal. Cause downtown is just a boring apartment with random crap in it.

I once rented an apartment in Punta Gorda, Florida. It was small and needed work (I, um, may have contributed by breaking the bedroom door), but it was homey... across the street from the little beach. I may try and rent it again this spring, depending on what happens.

So it'll be good to get back home.

There's so much I could talk about. Even though no one will read this and it's totally anonymous I'm still hesitant. I think eventually it'll start coming out. I already talked about home.

My job. I travel. A lot. Sometimes I love the job, sometimes it kills me, but I always hate the travelling. Unless I know I have friends waiting there.

This winter I'm going to Mexico again. I had such a great time last time that I'm CONVINCED that my high expectations are going to ruin everything. That it's going to be boring and awkward or something. Bad weather, arguments. (?)

And Puerto Rico, if I have the guts.
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